Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Well, like I told you yesterday, Aunt Cheryl has a huge yard, which means there are many fascinating smells there.  I wish I could share all the odors I sniffed, but blog technology has not got to the point where I can do that.  So I will have to show you pictures instead.

Here's a photo of me and Dorrie out in the yard, just to prove that we really were there, and that I am not making all this up.  The kind of blue-green thing behind us is the back of Aunt Cheryl's house.

Here's a cactus plant and some other succulents.

Some lanterns hanging from the big live-oak tree.

A forest of turbines.  Usually people put these on their roofs to pull the hot air out of their attics, but Aunt Cheryl found something different to do with them.  They are all fixed so that when the wind blows, they go around and around.

That metal thing is called an impeller, and you use it inside a pipe to move water or sewage along.  We only know this because Mom posted a picture on Facebook, and she said, "What is this?"  Before long, people started telling her what it was.  We don't know where Aunt Cheryl got the impeller, but she wants to use it as a sort of trellis to grow plants on.

Here's a big pot with a frowning sun face.

Uncle Juan has been cutting the stones and bricks and fitting them together to make this nice circle.

This is a statue of Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.  Silly Dorrie was afraid of it and barked a few times when she saw it.  We thought she had been de-barked, so we were surprised to hear her bark.  She also got a mohawk all the way down her back.

Here's a blue pot and some plants.

This plant is called bougainvillea.  It comes from South America and Central America.  You can grow it outside all year round in Texas, but in Missouri, it will freeze to death during the winter.

Uncle Juan made this bottle tree for Aunt Cheryl.  She likes it a whole bunch, and she points it out to everybody who comes in the yard.

Behind the bottle tree is this great big prickly pear, which is also called an opuntia.  Prickly pears make big flowers in lots of different colors.  Sadly, they were all finished blooming by the time we got there.

Okay, that's enough for today.  Maybe I can put some more pictures here tomorrow for you to see.

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