Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Guess what!  Mom and I and Dorrie got up really early this morning, and pretty soon we will get in the car and start driving to Austin, Texas.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that we have gone to Austin before, and that it's the place where Aunt Cheryl lives.  My boyfriend, Hank the basenji, used to live there, too, but he had to go to the Rainbow Bridge.  This is the first time I will be in Austin without Hank there, and I feel sad about that.

But here is some good news:  Aunt Cheryl got a new dog not too long ago.  He is not a basenji, but instead, he is an airedale.  Aunt Cheryl does lots of airedale rescue, and so she meets a whole bunch of airedales.  And now she adopted this one, and his name is Sully.  He's pretty young, like maybe three years old, but I don't remember for sure.  Anyway, he was kept out in somebody's yard on a chain, so he had chain wounds around his neck when he was rescued, plus also he was really thin.  But even after all that, Sully turned out to be a really friendly, super-nice boy.  Or at least that's what Aunt Cheryl says.

The worst thing about Sully is that he has heartworms, so he is getting treated for those.  And when you are getting treated for heartworms, you have to stay very calm and quiet.  You're not supposed to run and play, no matter how much you want to, because if a clump of dead heartworms gets into your lungs, it can kill you right away.

So Aunt Cheryl told Mom that Dorrie and I may not get to meet Sully because she doesn't want him to get excited and try to play with us.  But I think Mom will be allowed to meet him, and she can take some pictures and tell us all about him.

But anyway, getting back to our trip, the reason we are going to Austin is not just to visit Aunt Cheryl, even though that's always fun to do. We are also going there because the Cactus and Succulent Society of America is having a convention, and Mom is attending it.  And so is Aunt Cheryl.  Dorrie and I are not going to the convention because (1) dogs are not allowed there, and (2) we think it would be boring.  So the two of us girls will just stay at Aunt Cheryl's house and take a nap while the convention is happening.

While we are gone, our foster kittens will stay at other foster homes.  And our kitty siblings went to Dr. Patricia's clinic for boarding.  Mel went there, too, because Mom thought he was too old for traveling so far.  So it's just the three of us girls who are going to Austin.  We're going to try to drive all the way there today, and all the way back on June 23.  Dorrie was kind of nervous when Mom started packing everything last night, but I told her about Aunt Cheryl's house and that she would have a good time there.  I'm not sure if she believed me or not, but she'll see after we get to Austin.

I think my blog will probably be on vacation during the time I'm in Austin.  If I happen to decide to write something, I will, but sometimes a girl just needs to take a break!


  1. Dear Piper (and Dorrie) - I'm a couple days late in writing. I wanted to wish you a safe and fun trip to and from Austin, TX. Nothing better than a few girls getting together and taking off on a road trip!! I know you will all have a great time. Tell your mom hi for me and hope the convention is all she hoped it would be. Later, Love, AP

    1. Dear Aunt Patty,
      We have been in Austin for two days, and it is really HOT down here. Except in the house where we are staying, and it's COLD there. Dorrie has a new little sweatshirt that Mom bought her, but I don't have a sweatshirt because Mom said if I had one, I would just chew it up. I don't know where she got that idea.
      Love, Piper

  2. Dear Piper-

    I hope you are having fun in Texas. I thought we were going to go somewhere too. Mom packed things, got crates set up in the car, got dog food and Diggie's meds together, got a stack of paper work and also some clothes and put them all by the back door. Then she started putting other stuff in the hallway. Weird things like we don't normally take with us on adventures - boxes of "collectables" and art work. She pulled out towels and blankets too saying they were good to have.

    AND THEN . . .

    we waited. we didn't go anywhere. Mom said we were waiting for someone with a badge to tell us to go. That's also weird because usually we don't wait for anyone to tell us to go, we just do it. It got sort of smokey here, but still we waited. Then it got less smokey and we still waited. Then, yesterday, mom started unpacking and putting the towels/blankets back up. And today mom said we could go play agility. So that's what we did. Evidently, the packing was not for agility, but incase we were in the path of a big fire. Mom said this was not a nice fire like the kind we have in our wood stove in the winter. She said it was a bad out-of-control fire. But it did not come here, but it did go to some friends' houses. And now they don't have a home any more. That's very sad.

    ==Zest! Superstar in supervising packing

    1. Dear Zest,
      I am glad you did not have to run away from the bad, evil fire. Also I'm glad your house didn't burn down. But if it did, you could come live with us in Missouri.
      Your friend, Piper