Sunday, July 7, 2013


On Tuesday, two of our foster kittens got neutered.  And the ones who got neutered were John and Andrew because they were the biggest.  The rest of the kittens also went over to the shelter on Tuesday and got booster shots plus more deworming.  And they got weighed.  They were all either over 2 pounds or very close to 2 pounds.  So Mom scheduled them for surgery next Tuesday.  The smallest kitten is Adrian, and he might not be 2 pounds by Tuesday.  If he's not, he'll have to wait another week.


So anyway, yesterday Mom took Andrew and John to PetSmart to the adoption event.  On the way over there, one of the kittens pooped in their carrier.  Then just when Mom was parking the car, John started puking, and his puke went all over Andrew.  So Mom had to take them to the women's restroom and give them a bath in the sink.  She managed to get them mostly clean, and then they finished cleaning and drying themselves up while they were in their cage with people looking at them because they were the first kittens to arrive.

Anyway, 9 kittens went to PetSmart, and 4 got adopted.  One of the ones who got adopted was Andrew!  Mom was happy because our kittens are kind of ordinary-looking, and she didn't know if they would be adopted.


But the way it happened that Andrew got adopted was that a woman who works at the Banfield Clinic, right there inside PetSmart, brought over a yellow tabby kitten and showed it to Mom.  She said the kitten was a stray and that she and her boyfriend were going to keep her, but then the kitten started picking on their dog and making him so nervous that he was peeing everywhere in the house.

So the woman said that if Mom's group could take this kitten, she would adopt a different one and even pay the adoption fee.  Plus all the vetting had already been done on the kitten, except she wasn't spayed yet.  Mom called Aunt Tania, and they talked about this plan, and Aunt Tania also talked to the woman with the kitten.  Which is how it all got agreed on.  And then when the woman's boyfriend came, they looked at 2 or 3 kittens, and they chose Andrew.


Mom and the other women who were working there talked about names for the yellow kitten, who seemed like she would be really crazy and energetic and always getting into mischief.  Mom suggested the name Zest, which is the name of my basenji friend in Colorado.  Everyone liked this name, so now that is the kitten's name.

Zest behind bars

Right now, Zest is staying in a big crate in the kitten room.  She keeps hissing and growling whenever anybody goes near her.  I just ignore her and try to pick up any food crumbs she might have knocked off her dish.  Mom is going to try to get Zest spayed this week, and then she can be adopted.  She is probably about 4 months old.

Adair, Adrian, Anderson

Anyway, now I will show you a few pictures of our other foster kittens.  Since they are all so cute and fluffy, we hope they will get adopted pretty soon after they get neutered.  Abra and Adrian are already going to be adopted by a couple who saw them a few weeks ago, but the other kittens will need to be posted on Facebook and they will also probably go to PetSmart.

Alec, the fluffiest kitten of all!




Abra, Adair, and John having fun


  1. mom said it's very appropriate that you named a feisty orange kitten that beats up dogs Zest. I'm not sure, but I guess it's okay if she's a really, really special kitten. I normally spell my name Zest! with the ! after the t, but maybe your kitten Zest isn't special enough for a ! at the end of her name? or maybe cats don't need !. I don't know.

    your friend
    Zest! who doesn't look for trouble, but finds it anyway

    1. Dear Zest!
      I think that you are the only one special enough to use a ! at the end of your name. That is why I told Mom not to put one after our kitten's name. And anyway, nobody would remember to spell it that way! Hahahaha!
      Your friend, Piper