Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Update #1:
The day Mom went to Oregon, Zest got adopted.  Mom found out about it when she was checking her email on her new iPhone while riding the tram thingy at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.


Update #2:
Alec got adopted on Monday, so Mom did not have to bring him home from PetSmart when she brought the other kittens home.


Update #3:
The other six kittens have been growing, and they are now almost as big as Dorrie.  They do a lot of romping and scampering through the house, which makes it hard for me to take a decent nap.


Update #4:
Mom also brought Audra home from PetSmart.  She was the mother of five of the kittens, as you probably remember.  She had not been here for several weeks because first she was staying at the shelter until her milk dried up.  Then she got spayed, and then she went out to PetSmart, where she stayed for two weeks, but nobody adopted her yet.

We think that the only thing Audra did since she left here is sleep and eat, because now she is kind of plump.  She growls at everybody in the house except for Mom, but we hope she'll get used to being here again pretty soon.  Audra even growls at her own kittens, but maybe she forgot who they are.


Update #5:
Yesterday Mom brought home some new foster kittens because she's an old softie and also crazy.  Before she went to Oregon, Mom saw two little kittens at the shelter who did not have a foster home to go to.  One of the kittens is named Seth.  He is a black kitten, and he is totally blind.


The other kitten is Buttercup.  At first we thought she was blind in one eye, but now that eye looks better.  It just has some scarring and is kind of filmy-looking.  So she maybe can see light and dark and some shapes with that eye.  Seth will probably have to have both his eyes taken out, but Buttercup will get to keep both of hers.

Seth and Buttercup

Anyway, on Monday Mom told Aunt Tania Monday that she could foster Seth and Buttercup.  Then yesterday, Mom went to the shelter to get them, and guess what!  There was a third kitten in the cage with them, and his name is Chief.  Some fire fighters found Chief under a bush by their fire station.  Chief's eyes are fine, but he is very small and bony.  His head is too big for his body, so he looks like a little bobble-head kitten.


Aunt Tania said that Mom didn't have to take Chief home, but that Chief was bonded to the other two kittens now, and he would be lonely without them.  So like an idiot, Mom said she would take Chief home, too.  All three of these kittens are supposed to be about 7 weeks old, but they are small for their age because they didn't get enough yummy food when they were babies.  We think Seth's mom might have abandoned him because he was blind, but we don't know how the other kittens got lost from their mothers.

Mom and I think "Chief" is a strange name for a kitten, but we didn't get to choose his name.  Maybe he got named that because a fire chief brought him to the Humane Society.  That is the only reason we can think of why he would have that name.


Later on, I will have some better pictures of the new kittens.  Mom took these with her iPhone, and she is not very good at using it as a camera.  Also, the kittens refused to hold still and pose nicely for their photos.

Anyway, if you ask me, there are way too many cats and kittens in this house.  Sometimes I just feel like crawling under the bed to get away from the whole situation, but I'm afraid I might get stuck there and not be able to get out!


  1. i'm glad Zest got adopted.

    --Zest! the original

    1. I'm glad, too. Having such a great name probably helped her get adopted faster. But you'll always be the original Zest!