Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ADVENTURES WHILE WALKING, by Dorrie the Chihuahua

Mom told me that "Adventures While Walking" used to be a regular part of Piper's blog, but nobody has written any "Adventures" for a long time.  This was partly because Mom got lazy and didn't take the dogs out walking very often.  And another reason was because all the dogs who used to write about their adventures are now taking their walks at the Rainbow Bridge.  Well, except for Piper, who doesn't like to go for walks anymore.

But this morning Mom said she had time, and it was cool enough that we could go for a walk.  Mom invited Piper to go along, but when Piper saw her collar and leash, she headed upstairs to get away from walking.

So Mom and I had some quality time together, just ambling through the neighborhood.  Mom could walk really fast if she wanted to, but I can't because I have very short legs.  So we just went pretty slowly, and that way Mom could take pictures, and I could sniff everything and pee on anything that needed it.

When I pee, I always lift up my right hind leg.  Mom thinks this is funny, but she has seen other girl dogs pee this way, too.  Mom thinks I am either marking my territory like a boy dog would do, or else I have a luxating patella on the right side, so I can't bend my knee very well when I pee.  I'm not telling Mom which of her theories is the correct one.  It's more fun just to let her guess.

Anyway, here are some of the things we saw while we were walking today.  First of all, the neighbors where Henry, the soft-coated wheaten terrier, lives have had a big orange dumpster in their driveway for several days.  They took down the trampoline and the tall swing set in their back yard, and threw them in the dumpster.  We think they threw some other stuff in there, too.  They did not throw Henry in there, but Mom says that's okay because Henry is getting older, and he isn't as annoying as he used to be.

This house in the next block needs paint on the upper story.  Mom says it has been in this condition for at least two years.  We don't know why they don't finish painting it.

These people have planted two apple trees in their front yard.  Mom is quite sure there didn't used to be apple trees there.  The trees are already big enough to make lots of apples, which shows just how long it has been since Mom went out walking.

At the corner, we saw a statue of Mickey Mouse.

On the end of someone's driveway, there were lots and lots of pennies.  Did they get spilled there, or did somebody put them there so that everybody who went by could pick one up and have good luck?  Mom did not take one, so I guess we won't have good luck.  Unless it's good luck just to take a photo of pennies on the sidewalk.

Here's a house that was getting siding.  Usually, these Tudor-style houses don't have siding, but maybe these people got tired of having their house painted.

A bee was trying to find some nice flowers on this Russian sage, but he seemed to be having a hard time because he kept flying around from place to place.  Mom was trying to get a picture, and finally she got the front half of the bee.  It's a good thing I can be patient while Mom does this silly stuff.

We saw some men installing Google Fiber.  A lot of people signed up to get it, but we didn't.  Mom says we don't need internet that is 100 times faster than regular internet.  I hope she's right about this because I wouldn't want to get left behind in the cyber dust.

Sunday, at a house in our block, a huge limb fell off a tree.  We don't know why the limb fell off.  It rained on Sunday, but not a whole lot, and there were no big winds to knock a limb off a tree.  I guess it was just an old limb, and it was tired of holding on.  All of Sunday afternoon and evening, there were chain saws running down there.  We were surprised to see that most of the debris was already gone, except for some leaves and sticks.

Well, I hope I have done an okay job on my first Adventures entry.  I am sure there will be more of them when the weather gets cool enough for us to walk more often.

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