Friday, August 23, 2013


Yesterday Dorrie and I went to the Humane Society with Mom, and we met Rags.  He is a goofy-looking dog -- not sleek and elegant like a basenji, or even like a chihuahua.  I think he looks a lot like a cairn terrier, except he has the wrong kind of ears and his snout is too short.  I'm not sure why Mom thought it would be fun for us to have this kind of dog in our family, but for some reason, she did.

Rags plays with toys without ripping them apart.
Clearly, he does not understand what toys are for.

Anyway, we met Rags in the hallway outside the dog kennels, and we all sniffed each other and sort of got acquainted.  Then we went outside in the yard where the shelter dogs play.  I pooped right away out there, and so did Rags, and Dorrie peed.  After which, we sniffed each other some more.  I did not like being in the yard because it was really hot out there, and I started panting.

Rags meeting Adrian and James, the kittens

Mom was hot, too, and so was Dr. Regan, who went out there with us because she had finished all her surgeries for the day and was helping us meet Rags.  Aunt Christine came out there, too.  She is the adoption counselor.  Anyway, since we were all hot, we went back inside.  Then Mom waited in the hall with us three dogs for a while until Aunt Christine had time to do all our paperwork.

Rags was being annoying and way too full of energy.  He kept sort of jumping at me like he actually expected me to play with him.  So I started snarking at him every time he came near me, and he went and lay down and proved that he could be a calm dog, after all.  Mom got a little worried because she thought maybe Rags and I weren't going to get along, but Aunt Christine said I was just setting some boundaries, which is true.

Rags on our patio

Dorrie thinks Rags is a little too big and too energetic also.  Mom hopes Dorrie will get to be friends with Rags and they will play together.  But right now, Dorrie thinks Rags is kind of scary.  The cats haven't decided for sure what to think of him.  Well, except for Audra, who mostly hates all dogs.  She is always hissing and swiping her claws at me and Dorrie.  I just ignore her, but Dorrie yelps like she is dying, even though I don't think Audra has ever actually touched her.

Anyway, Audra started this "get away from me, you dog" thing with Rags, but he tried to chase her and made a big game out of it.  Mom got worried that Rags wasn't going to get along with our kitties after all, but now we think it is just Audra he doesn't get along with.  And next week Audra is going back to PetSmart to spend a week or two, and if she gets adopted, we won't have to worry about her anymore.

Rags and Latifa

Okay, well, here are some more pictures Mom took of Rags on his first day here.  I don't really know what I think of him yet, as a brother, so I guess I will just have to wait and see how things turn out.

Rags running back and forth in the house with his toy

Finally tired out

Rags butt


  1. I think your new brudder is kind of cute. Not basenji cute of course, but a kind of cute that sort of grows on you.

    I had an adventure the other night. Mom took me to a baseball game. It was one of those strange human things. There were grown men out there on a nice field playing with a ball. I tried to figure out why they were playing ball without a dog, but I guess maybe they didn't know better. I didn't want to go play ball with them, but I think it would have improved the game if they had a dog out there. There were other dogs there, but of course they weren't as cute or smart as I am. I got lots of treats because I know lots of tricks and I'm a very good girl.

    your friend,
    Zest! superstar in baseball spectating

    1. I would like to go to a baseball game if Mom bought me a hot dog, but I don't think I would like all the people and noise and stuff. I'm more of a stay-at-home kind of girl, so Mom could just give me a hot dog at home, and it would be the same as going to a game.

      I'm glad you think my new brother is cute. He still has a lot to learn about how we do things around here, but he seems to be trainable.

      Your friend, Piper

      P.S. I'm sorry about Digital. Do you miss him, or do you like having more attention?

  2. I do miss my brother Digital even if I had to do a lot of work. I had to clean his face and ears and clean up his bed after mom gave him a snack and I had to cuddle with him to keep him warm sometimes. I also had to take a nap in his bed to make sure it was nice. So it was a lot of stuff for me to do, but I never complained because I'm such a good girl.

    Thank you for asking. I don't know if mom will get me another brother anytime soon or not. If she does, I doubt he'll have as much hair as your new brother.


    1. I think you took very good care of your brother Digital, and he was lucky to have a little sister like you. I'll bet your mom will be getting you another brother sometime pretty soon, and he'll be a cute little basenji (but not as cute as you, of course) and you can teach him all the superstar things you know.

      Your friend, Piper

  3. hai im kiwi but i actually have many names, i think my first original "government name" is Killer. I'm a longhaired chihuahua mix and when I am on a special platform theres a sign that looks like two circles sitting right next to each other. im 35 years old but i feel like crazy teen full of energy and love!!! plus i look like a baby so it fits. i really do enjoy reading your adventures! your house looks sooo cool and looks like you have tonnnssss of space to run sniff and pupu in. im so jelly cus we live in a beach city, which i love, but i stay with my master in a little space connected to many others. but it is good too since i have many friends here and people are always friendly. your master is sooo kind and nice since she is an doggie lover and rescues friends for you. is she a superhero? gosh you are sooo lucky... i wish there were more superheroes :( i showed my master this page and i think her super powers are working because its inspired my master to search the web to raise awareness for our brethren in need. i'm sure my master isnt the only one so please keep up the good work and dont stop sharing your stories!! i will try and show as many of my friends in my puppy power! bai bai and have a gud day! ;)

    1. Dear Kiwi Friend,
      It is very exciting for me to have friends in countries that are far, far away. I'm glad you like reading my blog, and I hope you will tell everybody you know to read it also. At my house, we have a lot of space to run around, but my mom gets tired of mowing the grass, especially when the weather is hot. Your weather is probably not so hot right now since you are having winter. And if you live by the beach, you must get some nice breezes. I hope you don't get any hurricanes!
      Your friend, Piper