Sunday, August 4, 2013


Friday Mom took the new foster kittens to the shelter because she was worried about Seth and Chief.  Neither of them was eating very much yummy kitten food, and Seth was having diarrhea.  Also, one of the kittens kept puking, but Mom didn't know which one it was.  She thought it might be Seth.

Anyway, Aunt Tania gave Chief and Seth some fluids, and she also sent some fluids home with Mom, so Mom could give them more fluids.  Mom is not very good at giving fluids, but she is trying to learn to be better at it.  Seth and Chief also got some Amoxicillin and some Metronidazole to take twice a day.

Our kittens waiting to be adopted at PetSmart

Buttercup had gained 3 ounces since she first came to our house on Tuesday, but Seth had lost 3 ounces.  Chief stayed exactly the same weight, which was 13.5 ounces.  Aunt Tania also told Mom to take some a/d Prescription Diet food home, which sick animals will sometimes eat when they won't eat anything else.

So on Friday night, Mom gave medicine to the two kittens, and then she gave them fluids.  Seth didn't mind too much, but Chief didn't like the process, and he bit Mom really hard on the finger.  She still got the fluids in him, though, because she is a good foster mom.

Chief really liked the a/d food, and he started eating lots more than he was before.  The fluids and medicine really perked him up, which is good.  But Seth didn't want to eat anything, and he just got weaker and weaker.  We were all afraid he would die, since he didn't want to eat.

Yesterday Mom went to the adoption event at PetSmart, and she took the 6 big kittens.  Lots of people looked at them and said they were really cute, especially Abra, but nobody adopted any of them.  Instead, people were adopting some Siamese mix kittens.  There were 4 of them there, and 3 got adopted.  The 4th one is getting adopted today.  Also, there was an adult cat there who was a Siamese mix, and she got adopted, too.

Here's a little video Mom took of our kittens at PetSmart.  This is the first time I tried putting a video in my blog, so I hope it works.  In this video, you can see how cute our kittens are, and that people should have adopted them.

But none of our kittens got adopted, and that made us sad.  And then when Mom got home, she found out that Seth had died.  I was here when he died, but I guess I slept through it.  Anyway, there wasn't much I could have done about it.  Mom buried Seth in the back yard.

Chief and Buttercup don't seem to miss Seth at all.  They are just hungry all the time now.  Chief has a little fat tummy, like kittens usually have.  Mom weighed him, and he is already up to one whole pound!  This means he gained at least 2 ounces in one day's time.

So we think Chief is going to grow up to be a nice, big kitty someday, even though things did not work out so well for poor little Seth.  But I guess that's how life goes.  Sometimes good things happen, and other times bad things happen.  And I suggest that if bad things are happening, you should just take a nap until the good stuff comes around again!

Abra sleeping upside down

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