Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I feel really annoyed because I still have to wear this stupid cone.  Part of my scab fell off
yesterday, and Mom thought maybe she could take the cone off of me, but then she took a good look at my boo-boo, and she saw that it was still kind of gooey under the scab, so she left the cone on.

The thing that makes this cone situation really bad is that it is Cicada Season, which is my favorite season of the year.  So now I have to go cicada hunting on the patio at night with my cone on.  I feel like an idiot, but I still manage to catch some cicadas, and I guess that is the important thing.

But speaking of the patio, it is now getting all covered with acorns and acorn parts, so you can't walk there without making crunching noises.  It's like walking on corn flakes, only louder.  There are tons of squirrels around, and most of the time they stay high up in the trees where we can't get to them.  But guess what!  The other day Dorrie was standing under the huge oak tree in our back yard, and suddenly Something Big fell out of it.  Dorrie was shocked, and so was Mom, who saw it happen.  And the big thing turned out to be an entire squirrel who fell right out of the tree, like some kind of klutz.  I think the squirrel was as surprised as Dorrie was, but the squirrel managed to get partway up the tree again before Dorrie could try to catch it.

Anderson likes sitting in Mom's lap
In other news:  our little black foster kitten James got adopted yesterday!  We are very happy about this because we thought we might be stuck with the black kittens forever.  Right now we have John and Anderson here at home -- oh, and little Chief.  Adrian and James have been at PetSmart since Saturday, and yesterday Aunt Tania also took Audra out there.  So Audra can keep Adrian company, and he won't be so lonely.

Rags is still chasing the cats, and even though he isn't doing it as much as he did at first, Jason started a petition, which all the cats signed.  Then they got Dorrie and me to sign it, too.  We presented the petition to Mom, and what it said was that we thought Rags wasn't a good fit for our house, and he should go someplace else to live.  Mom tried to explain to the cats that Rags is just trying to play, but they don't like the way he plays.  Dorrie doesn't like the way he plays either, because he is such an in-your-face kind of dog.  I don't want to be bothered by him, so I just growl and snap and tell him to go away.

A standoff between Jason and Rags

Mom finally decided that all of us were right about Rags, and that he would be happier in a home where he had a nice, young dog to play with, or maybe some children.  And no cats.  So she emailed Aunt Christine yesterday and told her that she needed to bring Rags back.  Aunt Christine is trying to find a foster home for Rags to stay in, so in the meantime, he is still living with us.

Anyway, that's all the news for today, but news seems to happen every day, so I'm sure there will be more of it soon.

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