Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Stuff #1:

I have to wear the horrible Cone of Shame for at least a week, and here's why.  Somehow I got a boo-boo on my elbow and it got infected.  Mom thinks maybe I got the boo-boo because I am a klutz, and I slipped and fell down.  But no way am I a klutz, so that couldn't be the reason I got the boo-boo.  Anyway, Mom thought my elbow would heal up just fine on its own, but it didn't.  And after a while, she noticed that I was using my special saliva cure on it, so she took me to see Dr. Vodraska on Monday.

Dr. Vodraska looked at my elbow, and right away she said that it was infected.  It didn't look all red, like some infections look, but it had a scab that was kind of greenish.  Which meant that my magical saliva cure was not working.  When we got home, Mom put The Cone on me, and I have to take a Clavamox pill twice a day.

Stuff #2:

This is not news from our house.  It's important national news, because guess what!  There is now a second First Dog in the White House!  Poor Bo has been alone all this time with no other doggies to play with at home.  But now he has a little sister, and her name is Sunny.  She is totally black, so "Sunny" seems like a funny name for her, but the Obamas said it was because she is a cheerful, happy, friendly dog.

Sunny is a Portuguese Water Dog, just like Bo.  She was born in Michigan, and she is one year old.  She arrived at the White House on Monday, after the Obama family got back from their vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

Bo and Sunny
Photo by Pete Souza/AFP-Getty Images

The Obamas got a second Portuguese Water Dog because that breed doesn't bother the two girls, who are allergic to dogs.  The family made a donation to the Washington Humane Society in honor of Sunny, but they did not tell the public how much they gave.  I guess they did this to make the people happy who thought they should have adopted a shelter dog.

Anyway, Sunny will have most of the same First-Dog duties as Bo has, which include romping on the White House lawn, going to the Easter egg roll, and posing for lots of pictures.

Stuff #3:

Well, I left the very best thing for last, because the Obamas are not the only people who are getting a new dog.  We're probably going to get one, too!  His name is Rags, and he's about a year and a half old.  He is some kind of scruffy terrier mix with short legs.

Rags got hit by a car, which is why Kansas City, Kansas Animal Control picked him up.  It turned out that Rags had a broken pelvis, so he has been sitting around in a cage at the Humane Society, waiting to get healed up.  He's pretty much all well now, except he has a little limp sometimes.

Mom met Rags last week, and she went out for a walk with him.  Yesterday she played with him and took him in the cat room at the shelter to see if he would chase the cats or try to eat them.  But he didn't want to eat the cats at all.  He only wanted to eat the cats' food.  So to me, this means he is a very smart dog, and I think I will like him a lot (unless he tries to eat my food)!

Anyway, tomorrow Dorrie and I get to go meet Rags, and if we like him, he can come home with us.  Mom even said I could take off my cone while we are meeting Rags, so I can get a really good view of him.  But sadly, I have to put the yucky thing back on when we get home again.


  1. OH NO, NOT THE CONE!!!!!

    Not the Cone of *looks around* *whispers* shame. Humans just do not understand the Saliva Cure. It has to get green and ucky before it get better! At least, that is MY PROFESSIONAL OPINION! Humans are so silly.

    My human (Katie) noticed that I went wee wee on the couch and called the vet too. Now I have to take these disgusting (supposedly chewable) pills that are supposed to taste like beef. They don't taste like beef to me so I refuse to chew them or take them. Katie has to force me to swallow them (which I most detest.)

    She never stopped to think I did the pee on the couch thing because I wanted to disgust her. Nope, she thought it was because I was OLD. I AM NOT OLD.

    Humans. PFT. What do they know?


    1. Dear Zena,
      I am also taking some chewable pill things to keep me from peeing so much, but Mom just puts the pills in my food, and I gobble them right up. Maybe you shouldn't be so picky, because these pills really don't taste bad, in my opinion, and they do help you pee less. And you and I are NOT OLD, like you said!
      Your friend, Piper