Friday, August 16, 2013


The more I think about it, the more I realize
there is nothing more artistic than to love others.
    --Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, Die Ernte, Arles, 1888

Behind all this, 
some great happiness is hiding.
    --Yehuda Amichai

Vincent van Gogh, Seascape at Saintes Maries, 1888

Realize deeply that the present moment 
is all you ever have.  Make the Now 
the primary focus of your life.
    --Eckhart Tolle

Vincent van Gogh, View of Arles with Irises, 1888
They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself.
    --Andy Worhol

Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night over the Rhone, 1888

I have realized that the past and future 
are real illusions, that they exist in the present, 
which is what there is and all there is.
    --Alan Watts

Vincent van Gogh, Cornfield with Cypresses, 1889 
If you can’t find your inspiration
by walking around the block one time,
go around two blocks -- but never three.
    --Robert Motherwell

Vincent van Gogh, Field with Poppies, 1889

The sunrise, of course, doesn’t care
if we watch it or not.
It will keep on being beautiful,
even if no one bothers to look at it.
    --Gene Amole


  1. Maravilloso el arte de Vincent Van Gogh. Me quedo por tu blog.
    Saludos desde Barcelona

    1. Me gusta mucho ese arte también. Saludos desde Kansas City.