Sunday, August 11, 2013


I couldn't write any blog entries for a couple of days because my Chief Research Assistant (a.k.a. Mom) was very busy getting ready for the cactus show and sale.  She repotted a bunch of plants, and she put prices on the plants she was going to sell.  Also, she decided which plants to enter in the show, and then she filled out entry cards with the plants' names and stuff like that.  On Friday, Mom was at the Loose Park Garden Center all day long, helping get the show set up.  She took Dorrie and me to doggy daycare, so we wouldn't get too bored at home.

Yesterday Mom was at the show and sale all day long because that was the first real day of it.  Dorrie and I stayed at home because dogs are not allowed in the Garden Center building, and doggy daycare is not open on the weekend.  Today Mom has to go back again, because today is the last day of the show and sale.  After that, it will be all done with for a whole year!

Anyway, Mom took some pictures so that I would have something to put in my blog.  Otherwise, people will just think I am lazy, which I am not, even though I do like to sleep a lot.

First of all, here are the judges of the show.  They drove all the way from Iowa, and they all wore green shirts, which made it a little hard to tell them apart.  But Mom said that their names are Dick, Rebecca, and Connie.  I was especially happy to see a picture of Aunt Connie because she is one of the most faithful readers of my blog.

In this next picture, you can see people shopping for plants at the sale.  Of course, Mom bought some plants, even though she doesn't need any.  She spent $41 on plants, and the plants she sold added up to $59.  Mom only gets to keep 70% of the sale of her plants, but guess what!  Seventy percent of $59 is $41.30, so this means that Mom made enough to cover what she bought, plus 30¢ extra.  If she sells more plants today and doesn't buy anything else, she will make an even bigger profit, and maybe there will be enough to buy some dog treats.

Winner of the Best Succulent Award

Winner of the Best Cactus Award

Variegated agave

Euphorbia lactea crest


Fockea edulis

Dish garden

Sansevieria in novelty container

"Bizarre Plant"  Euphorbia platyclada

Okay, well, that's all I'm going to tell you about the cactus show.  Frankly, I think it would be much more interesting if Mom would go to a dog show instead, but nobody asked me.


  1. We enjoyed coming from Iowa and judging the cactus show. There were lots of neat plants to look at and the show was well organized and staged. Congratulations to everyone in the Kansas City club for all their hard work and effort and it paid off.


    ps. I also enjoyed reading about it in your blog.

    1. Dear Aunt Connie,
      Thank you for reading my blog and for writing a comment. I wish I could have met you in person, but Mom couldn't take me to the cactus show because dogs aren't allowed. Anyway, Mom said to tell you she was happy to see you and the other Iowa folks again, and she thinks you all did a good job of judging!
      Sincerely, Piper