Saturday, September 7, 2013


Things keep happening around here, and I guess that, as a good blogger, I should try to keep you up to date.  First of all, last Saturday when Mom went to PetSmart for the kitty adoption event, she bought some little jackets for Dorrie.  I didn't think Mom was the kind of person to start doing this silly sort of thing, but I guess I was wrong.  I just hope Dorrie likes wearing these dopey outfits more than I do.

Here's one of Dorrie's new hoodies.

And here's another one.

Of course, right now it's way too hot for anybody to want to wear a jacket or sweater of any kind, but Mom says that Dorrie will get cold this winter, and then she will want to wear this stuff.  But what I don't understand is why all the doggy jackets need to have hoods.  Just because teenagers and hoodlums like to wear hoodies doesn't mean that dogs do.  But as usual, nobody asked my opinion.

Mom bought something new for me to wear, too, but it's not very exciting.  It's a new cone, and it's different from the old one because it's clear.  So this means that now I can see out of the sides of my eyes, and I don't run into as much stuff.

But speaking of cones, I had to go back to see Dr. Vodraska because my wound isn't really healing up.  Dr. V thought I would be the perfect guinea pig to try some herbal salve that she had.  The official name of this salve is Healing Salve.  It has a bunch of herbs in it, but we're not sure which ones.  All we know is that it smells really herbal-like.  Mom puts it on my elbow every night at bedtime, and then she bandages it, and the bandage has to stay there for 12 hours.  And after that, she takes the bandage off, and the wound gets to stay open for 12 hours.

Here's a picture of me at the vet's office right after Dr. V put some salve and a bandage on my elbow.  Of course, by the time we got home, the bandage was already sliding down my leg, so Mom had to do it over again.  Then it still tried to fall off, but the third time she figured out how to do it so it would stay.

Mom went to Art Unleashed on the last Friday of August.  Usually, she buys several pieces of art, but this year she only bought one, and it was pretty small.  You can't tell from this photo, but the art is only about 4.5" square.  It is paw prints made by Rags, the dog we had just adopted.  Now we have un-adopted Rags, but we still have some artwork to remember him by.

At Art Unleashed in 2012, one of the things Mom bought was a sitting for a pet portrait at a photo studio called Van Deusen Photography.  Mom took her time about using this certificate because, for one thing, she couldn't decide which dog to take.  She didn't want to take Barry or Mel because they might bite the photographer.  So that narrowed it down to me or Nicky.  I thought it was pretty obvious that she should take me, but then a bunch of my hair fell out because of my Cushing's Disease.  So Mom thought maybe she should take Nicky.  But then my hair grew back, and Mom decided she might take both Nicky and me.  But then after that, Nicky got sick and died.

So that meant Mom pretty much had to take me.  Unless she took one of the cats, which she considered doing, because she thought Latifa would look nice in a photo, if Latifa would agree to pose.  But then we got Dorrie, and time was running out to do the photo sitting, because it was only good for one year. So Mom decided to take both me and Dorrie.

It cost extra to have a second dog in the photo, but not a whole lot extra.  Mom took us over to the studio to meet the photographer one day, and then about a week later we went back to get our pictures taken.

The photographer, Ms. Lori,  thought it would be easy to take our pictures because we were so calm and nice, but she was wrong.  Neither Dorrie nor I wanted to sit on the silly furniture in front of the silly background.  I found a nice fuzzy rug that I liked to lie on, so finally I agreed to lie on it where the camera could see me.  All Dorrie wanted to do was roll over on her back and ask for a tummy rub.  This is what she always does when she meets anybody new.  Or even when she meets anybody old.  Dorrie did not want to sit in front of the camera.  She just kept running back to Mom, where she felt safer.

Finally, after more than an hour, Mom and Ms. Lori decided that there were some photos that might work.  So Mom went back later and decided which ones she liked best.  The package deal she bought at Art Unleashed included one 8x10, so Mom chose a picture of me and Dorrie together for that one.  Then she got a 4x6 of each of us by ourselves.  Now all she has to do is get around to buying frames, and she can hang our pictures on the wall and look at us every day!


  1. Awwwwwww, Piper you look so beautiful (much cuter than Dorrie, I assure you. Don't listen to your Momma if she says otherwise.)

    Zena would say hi except she is sleeping because a big ol' Pitbull decided to pick a fight with her two days ago and she got beat up (all scratches, I assure you. Daddy WAS NOT HAPPY. I had to break it up and I am as sore as she is. Poor Zena and Katie, yep.) Zena got in a few whacks. She feared she'd have to wear The Cone, but she's cone-free.

    We hope your boo-boo heals quickly. We have disinfectant pads that we use on Zena (called Douxo) that we use on Zena's owies. Maybe you can try those?

    Many kisses,

  2. Dear Katie and Zena,
    How scary that you got attacked by a pitbull! I'm glad you didn't get hurt too much. I hope the pitbull owner had to pay a fine or go to jail or at least pay for your medical bills. I think my salve stuff is helping me heal up, but it sure is taking a long time, and I am tired of wearing the cone. At least it has not kept me from doing some serious cicada hunting on the patio.
    Your friend, Piper

  3. Oh, she's paid a few hundred fines I think. We have to take her to court to pay my bill (she is not a nice lady. Nope, she isn't. That lady calls my sister bad names.)

    And you know what? Katie has a big boo-boo. She has this thing called a sprained and fractured finger. She has to wear a splint for 2-3 weeks. She is not happy as it's like a Cone for her finger!

    The Cone of Shame is such an evil device. Whomever invented should wear it himself and see how HE likes it. I, personally, never wore it but it looks like such a dreadful thing. Evil thing should be banned.