Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Sometimes Mom says I'm a whiner, but I'm sure she means to say that I'm a winner.  Mom just gets certain words mixed up sometimes, probably because she is old and forgetful.  Anyway, I can prove that I'm a winner, and the way I can prove it is by telling you about the Basenji Companions photo contest, in which I won several important prizes, with a little help from my doggy and kitty siblings.  And after you see these photos, you will know what a fabulous winner I really am!

Category:  Basenjis and Their 4-Legged Buddies

2nd Place
(Me with Chloe and Jason)

3rd Place Tie
(Me with our foster kitten Hallie)

Honorable Mention
(Me with Nicky)

Category:  Destruction

2nd Place
(The feather pillow I tore up at Aunt Cheryl's house)

Honorable Mention
(A plastic can lid that Latifa got out of the dish drainer for me)

Category:  Non-Basenji

2nd Place
(Latifa in the fridge.  That cat will go anywhere!)

Honorable Mention
(Jason and Chloe)

Category:  Position Is Everything

1st Place Tie
(Me just hanging out at Aunt Cheryl's house)

Category:  Seasons

2nd Place
(Me in the snow last winter)


  1. Many congrats for your numerous wins! How humble & kind of you to mention your siblings! I enjoyed each photo, and must admit to biting my lip when I saw the "destruction" category photo. Let's keep my trying not to laugh between you & me, in case your mom didn't find it funny. How ironic, your 1st place tie photo was taken in the same locale as the destruction photo. :). Dodi asked that I mention he enjoyed the photo of Latifa in the fridge! Di was impressed there was a non-Basenji category! Thanks for posting the photos, I looked at them more than once...which shows how much I enjoyed today's blog!
    Love, AP

    1. Dear Aunt Patty,

      I am glad you liked looking at my winning photos, and I think it's fine if you want to laugh at the one where I tore up the pillow because I had a lot of fun doing it. My mom did not think it was so funny, though, especially since we were guests at Aunt Cheryl's house, and then she had to go tell Aunt Cheryl that she had been dumb enough to leave me loose in the same room with a tempting pillow. But Aunt Cheryl has had basenjis, so she understands these things, and she helped Mom clean up the mess.

      I don't think they have had a category for non-Basenjis before, so that is why Latifa got to enter her picture of being inside the fridge.

      Love, Piper

    2. Oh, and if you want to see more pictures of me with the feather pillow and read more about my adventures in Texas, you can go here:

  2. Dear Piper-

    of course you are a winner.
    The pillow episode looks like lots of fun, but mom said i'm not allowed to do anything like that. My life is very difficult.


    1. Dear Zest!
      The pillow episode was so much fun you can't believe it! Part of the fun is that I'm not allowed to do it either. One time I tore up one of Mom's pillows at home. Ever after that, she has kept her pillow in the closet during the daytime. Darn.
      Your friend, Piper