Sunday, October 6, 2013

A DOGGY BIRTHDAY PARTY! by Dorrie the Chihuahua

On Wednesday I got invited to a birthday party, so I went.  Mom was invited too, and I let her go along so she could drive the car, since I'm too short to see over the dashboard.  The party was for a dog named Scarlett, who was turning 3 years old.  She is a golden retriever mix.  Scarlett's mom is named Karen, and she's a friend of my mom.


I had never met Scarlett before, and she barked at me when I first went in her house.  Then some other people and their dogs came, and we all went out in the back yard, and everybody got along fine.  I was the cutest dog there, at least in my opinion, and also in Mom's opinion.

Here I am, bravely exploring Scarlett's yard

One of Aunt Karen's friends, whose name is Carole, brought two dogs.  One of them was named Piglet, and he is a Jack Russell Terrier.  His littermate, Pooh, died a year or so ago, which made Aunt Carole very sad.  Piglet is getting kind of old and grey around the muzzle, but I thought he was handsome, in that "older gentleman" sort of way.


The other dog that Aunt Carole brought was a papillon named Tommy.  Tommy is a girl, so maybe it's really spelled "Tommie."  She got that name because she is a tom girl.  Tommy was found as a stray in the Flint Hills of Kansas, where Aunt Carole goes to live in a cabin every summer.  Tommy got adopted by Aunt Carole's parents.  Tommy was pretty cute, but not as cute as me, of course.

Aunt Carole, Tommy, and Me

The last dog to arrive at the party was Jacky -- short for Jackson -- who is a golden retriever.  Mom did not get any good pictures of him, but just imagine a dark red golden retriever, and you will know what he looks like.  Jacky's mom is named Cyndi, and she does a lot of golden rescue.  She got Jacky because one time when she and her husband were driving home from doing a transport, they saw this golden retriever just sitting beside the highway.  So they stopped and picked him up.  They couldn't ever find his owners, so they adopted him.

I really liked Aunt Carole, and she liked me back!

Anyway, while we were all out in the yard, we dogs went exploring and sniffing around.  Naturally, we started by sniffing each other, but then we checked out all the Scarlett smells and squirrel smells and bunny smells and possum smells.  I felt a little overwhelmed to be in such a big, new yard, so I mostly stayed close to Mom and Aunt Carole.

Scarlett likes to chase a tennis ball and then
run around with it in her mouth.

After we got tired of being in the yard, we all went in the house, and each of us dogs got to have a little piece of Scarlett's birthday cake.  My piece didn't all fit in my mouth at once, and I wanted to run off and eat it someplace where no other dog would try to take it away, but Mom made me eat it in her lap.  She said she would guard me from other dogs, but none of them came around because they were all busy eating their own cake.

The Birthday Girl

Then Scarlett had to put on a pointy hat thing, while Mom and Aunt Cyndi took pictures of her.  Scarlett didn't like wearing the hat because no dogs like wearing hats.  Hats are for people.

"Is there any more cake?"
After that, Mom and I went home, and it was suppertime, and I ate all my supper, even though I had a piece of birthday cake earlier.  And that's the story of my big adventure at the doggy birthday party!

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