Sunday, November 3, 2013

EXCITING HAPPENINGS! by Dorrie the Chihuahua

Yesterday morning, Mom took me to Petco.  Piper didn't get to go and neither did the cats.  I'm the only one who got to go with Mom.  I had to wear my hoodie sweatshirt because it was chilly outside, and I always get all cold and shivery in cool weather.  In fact, I get shivery even in hot weather if I'm nervous about something.

But before I tell you about our trip to Petco, maybe I should tell you about some other exciting things that happened yesterday morning.  The first exciting thing was that one of the cats puked a whole bunch in the cat room.  Mom thinks it was Anderson because he has been having diarrhea, and Mom started him on the special venison diet that Charlie is eating.  The puke was that venison stuff, so it had to come from either Anderson or Charlie.

Anyway, Piper and I could smell the puke, and we wanted to help clean it up, but we can't get in the cat room because there is a child gate in the way.  Mom can step over the gate, so she went in to look at the puke, and she was shocked to see how much of it there was.  Several cats were already on cleanup duty, and John was growling at all the others.  The puke was all over a dresser and down the back of it and on the wall and the floor so it was a huge mess.  Or at least that's what Mom said.  I didn't get to see it for myself, like I told you.

Anyway, while Mom was cleaning all that up, a certain cat who was probably Anderson, or maybe Adrian, got on the kitchen counter and took the rubber scraper out of the dish drainer and dropped it on the floor.  Then Piper chewed it up because that's the kind of naughty thing Piper does.  Later on, at suppertime, Piper puked up a big wad of food mixed with pieces of rubber scraper.  Also she pooped out some pieces of rubber scraper.  We hope that she got most of it out of her because Mom does not want to pay Big Bucks for surgery to get more stuff out of Piper's guts.

Alas, poor scraper, you served many a yummy meal!

Okay, well, back to Petco.  The reason we went there was so that we could meet a dog named Chica.  Mom wasn't totally sure Chica would be a good dog for us because Chica's foster mom said Chica chases her cat sometimes because Chica wants to play with the cat.  But some of our cats do not like that kind of chasing, even if it is just for fun.  When we met Chica, it turned out she was bigger than Mom expected.  To us she looked more like a Jack Russell terrier than a chihuahua.  So Mom said no to Chica.

But this group, which is called LL Dog Rescue, had lots of other dogs for us to look at.  They only rescue small dogs, and they had a bunch of chihuahuas.  Also there were some shih tzus, a poodle, and some terrier mixes.  We met several different dogs, mostly chihuahuas, and we decided to adopt a little chi mix named Astro Boy.  He has really big ears and some wire-haired whiskers.  I have to admit he's kind of cute, even though I'd rather not have to share Mom with another chihuahua.

Mom thinks she is going to change Astro's name to Tristan.  He is about 15 months old, and he has a lot more energy than I do.  He keeps asking me to play, but I'm not sure if I want to.  Mom hopes I'll get used to him and decide he would be kind of fun to run around with.

Piper and Astro getting acquainted

Yesterday Mom sort of managed to take a nap, and Tristan settled down part of the time.  Mom couldn't get all the cats out of the room before we started our nap, so there were some distractions, such as when Chief knocked over the waste basket.

Later, Mom took me and Tristan out for a walk because she wanted to tire him out.  Tristan walks really fast -- lots faster than I do.  I like to just kind of mosey along and sniff stuff and then pee on it, but Tristan doesn't mark as many places as I do even though he's a boy.  Mom says it would be good for me to learn to walk faster because I need to lose a little weight anyway.

Tristan slept through most of "Pitbulls and Parolees"

Last night we sat around and watched TV, and Tristan got to sit in Mom's lap, even though I would have liked to sit there, and Latifa also would have liked to sit there.  But Mom's lap is only so big, and that's kind of a problem, as far as I'm concerned.

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