Monday, November 18, 2013


Well, first of all, I will tell you that our little Adrian finally got adopted last weekend.  He was Anderson's brother, and he was the last of the "A" litter to find a home.  Here's a picture of Adrian sleeping.  He had a funny habit of sucking on the end of his tail.  You can see in this picture that his tail looks wet on the end, and that's why.

Our big black kitten, John, did not get adopted yet.  Right now he is at the Petsmart in Belton, which is  south of here a little ways.  John has been there for a week, and if he isn't adopted in another week, Mom will go get him and bring him back home for a while.

Chief went to the shelter to be a Humane Society cat, so he won't be coming back here anymore.  We hope that if a bunch of volunteers can play with him there, Chief will stop being so afraid and skittish.

Nebula is still here.  She has been out to Petsmart once to spend the day, but she did not get adopted, in spite of being really pretty and having soft fur and that cute, stubby tail.  Nebula is all healed up from her broken pelvis, so she runs around like a regular kitten now.  She can jump on some things, but not all the way up on the kitchen counter, like the other cats and kittens can.

Two or three months ago, Mom bought a new kitty condo, and it's the Beverly Hills model, so it's really big and fancy.  But then Mom was afraid to try to put it together, so it sat in the box for a long time.  Finally, Mom asked Aunt Barbara to come over and help put the kitty condo together.  It took them more than two hours, but they got the whole thing assembled.  Afterwards, they agreed that Mom could not have done it all by herself, so it was a good thing she called Aunt Barbara to help her.

John, Anderson, Adrian, and Charlie
on the new kitty condo
Okay, so just when we thought we had got rid of most of our foster kittens, Aunt Tania asked Mom last Wednesday if she could take 4 more kittens, which Mom foolishly said she would do.  These 4 kittens had been in a different foster home, and they just got spayed and neutered.  But then the lady who was fostering them took in 6 bottle babies, and Tania thought that woman had more kittens than she could deal with, which is probably true.  So we got the older kittens.

The kittens' first foster mom gave them all Irish names, which she always does because she has Irish ancestors.  And she uses the Gaelic spellings, so it is hard to know how to pronounce the names sometimes.  Meanwhile, Aunt Tania gave the kittens a whole different set of names, so the name situation is very confusing.  Mom is only trying to learn the names that Aunt Tania gave the kittens, and those names all start with "K."

Also, Mom needs to take pictures of the kittens and write up little bios, so they can get posted on Petfinder.  So far, Mom has some fairly good pictures of two of the kittens, but not of the others.  It's hard because it's best to have three photos of every kitten for Petfinder.  But here on my blog, I only have to show you one photo of each kitten, which means I have an easier job.  So here they are:


Kirby is the only girl.  The rest are all boys.  Keane looks a lot like Jason, so we hope he gets adopted before he gets big like Jason.  Otherwise, we will have to look twice to tell them apart!

Well, that's all the news, really, except that it's getting really cold some days.  When that happens, Mom makes us dogs wear our sweaters or else we have to find a sunny spot, or both.  Now that I'm getting older, the cold weather makes my joints hurt, so I'll be glad when it's spring again!

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