Saturday, December 7, 2013


Maybe you remember when Mom got a job for a while last spring working at the Soil Service Nursery. During the summer, Mom didn't work at all, but now she got a different job, and it's at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  The reason she got this job was so we could have money to buy more dog and cat food.  Or at least that's what she said.  I don't like it when Mom is gone all day long, but I do like the idea of buying more dog food.

The Nelson-Atkins Gallery
The original building is on the right,
 and the Bloch Building is on the left.

Anyway, Mom will only work 3 days a week, and then she will be home 4 days, so that's good.  Mom just finished her first 3 days of work, so now she mostly knows how to do her job.  The title of this job is Visitor Services Officer.  Which really means that Mom is a security person who watches to make sure nobody touches the artwork or steals it or plants a bomb under it.  Also, she helps visitors by answering questions such as where are the restrooms and does the museum still have that painting by Caravaggio, which it does.

On Wednesday, the first day Mom was working at the museum, she spent a lot of time filling out papers and forms and stuff.  Then her boss took her and a guy who is training for the same job on a tour of the basement and all the places under the new Bloch Building where regular visitors don't get to go.  Mom saw the loading dock, and big wooden crates that artwork is shipped in, and lots of pipes, and extra tables and chairs that are used for banquets.  Later on, Mom got fingerprinted and had an ID badge made.

Outer coffin for Meret-it-es
in the Egyptian collection

On Thursday, Mom followed one of the other security officers around all day.  This man was being a relief officer, which means that he went to each post and took over for them while they had a 15-minute break or a 30-minute lunch.  The area where they did this was in the original building where the Ancient Egyptian and Greek art is.  Also, there is Medieval Art and a gallery of English ceramics.

Yesterday, Mom went with a different officer who was also doing the relief thing.  This time, they were in the new Bloch Building, which is very modern in design, with walls of translucent glass.  Mom will be working mostly in this building because she was hired to work in special exhibitions, and they are almost always in the Bloch Building.  Right now there is an exhibit about Impressionist France going on.

Bloch Building

One exciting thing happened yesterday while Mom and the other officer were in the Impressionist exhibit, which was that the fire alarm went off.  It was very loud, and there was an announcement that everybody should leave the building.  Nobody wanted to leave the building because the temperature was only about 10ยบ outside, and lots of people didn't have their coats on, including Mom.  But they had to leave, and they all stood around shivering, and then everybody finally got to go back in because it was a false alarm.

Fields in the Month of June by Charles-Francois Daubigny,
(on loan from the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art)
This is one of Mom's favorite paintings from the Impressionist exhibit.

Another exciting thing happened, and that was that a woman who works in food service got really sick, and the security office called an ambulance to come and get her.  Mom did not see any of that happen.  She only heard about it.

So what Mom is mostly learning is how to stand around a lot without getting too tired or falling asleep. Also she has learned how to tell people in a nice way not to touch the artwork or do anything else that might hurt it.  And she has already answered some important questions, such as how to get to the information desk or whether photographs are allowed.

Cattle Pasture in the Touraine, by Constant Troyon,
from the Nelson's permanent collection.
Mom also likes this one a lot, even though it has cows instead of dogs in it.

So anyway, that's Mom's new job, where she will be getting lots of new culture, just by going to work. But of course, Mom's most important job will always be taking care of us dogs and cats!


  1. I think it is very good that your mom got a job so she can afford good food, treats and toys. It's also good she has a job where she can be inside instead of the garden because it is very, very cold right now. Jet the trying and I are even wearing coats inside! I have a lot to do when it gets cold because I have to make sure someone puts a fire in the fireplace and today mom decided i should carry the sticks from the door to the fireplace. She did give me a few marshmallows to do that, but no hot chocolate. Right now I have to watch the football game. I am the bronco's secret weapon. Peyton Manning is the bronco's not-so-secret weapon.

    --Zest! superstar in so many things

    1. Dear Zest!
      I have to wear a sweater inside the house, too, because it is so cold. Sometimes I get tangled up in my sweater because it is sort of big on me, and then I trip on it or just wiggle out of it. My chi siblings are also wearing sweaters. I like it when Mom makes a fire in the fireplace, but I don't help carry the wood in. I would rather chew on sticks and make them into splinters. Mom doesn't like it when I do this. Today I ate part of a dish cloth that Anderson the kitten cleverly retrieved for me from where it was hanging high above the sink. We did not watch the football game, but we know that the Chiefs won, and that is the important thing.
      Your friend, Piper

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