Friday, January 31, 2014


Today is the first day of the Chinese Year of the Horse.  First I want to say that Piper was really looking forward to this year because she was born in 2002, which was the last time the Horse Year galloped by.  But sadly, Piper did not make it to the Chinese New Year, although she almost did, and I guess that is saying quite a bit.

Now I will tell you that I myself was born in the year of the Rat -- at least as nearly as we can figure out, since I don't have a birth certificate or any pedigree papers.  And Tristan was probably born in the year of the Dragon, the same as Mom.

Chinese Horse Year by Cahooodesign

I also want to mention that I am relieved to have the Year of the Snake over with, because I think snakes are extremely creepy and scary, and I'm glad I didn't have to write about them.  However, I also think horses are scary, because they are Really Big, and if a horse stepped on me, I would just be reduced to a little puddle of chihuahua mush.  So even though it is the Year of the Horse, and I will be writing blog entries about horses, I hope you understand that I have good reasons to stay far away from any actual live horses!

Okay, so the Year of the Horse begins today, January 31, and it will last until February 18, 2015, after which, it will be the Year of the Sheep.  But it's much too soon to start thinking about sheep.  First we have to contemplate horses for a whole year and two weeks.

Photo by Diego Azubel/EPA

People who were born in a Horse Year can be energetic, clever, kind to others, fun-loving, cheerful, perceptive, and talented.  They like crowds and parties and being in the limelight.  They are charming, good at communicating, and they have lots of friends.  Horse people expect to succeed, and they don't deal very well with failure.  They are sometimes called Qianli Ma, a horse that can cover a thousand li (500 meters) in a day.

But some of the Horse traits can turn into bad things if they go too far.  Horse people can be so independent, adventurous, and hot-blooded that they do not manage their finances well or focus on their careers the way they should.  They aren't always good about following a budget, and they can be wasteful.  Horses often don't follow advice, and if they fail in a project, they get pessimistic and bad-tempered.

Photo by Jakub Halun

During 2014, Horse people may experience unexpected costs which can cause them a lot of stress.  If this happens, they should talk to other people and follow their advice.  Romance for Horse Year people will only be so-so.  They might have some health issues, but these could possibly be avoided by getting a full physical exam.  Areas of particular concern are the stomach, urinary tract, eyes, and heart.  Also watch out for injuries from sharp things such as knives.

The best matches for Horses are the Tiger, Sheep, and Dog.  Horses should avoid the Rat, Ox, and Rabbit.  Lucky colors are brown, yellow, and purple.  Blue, white, and golden colors are best avoided.

Here are a few famous Horse Year people:  Louisa May Alcott, Davy Crockett, Ella Fitzgerald, Teddy Roosevelt, Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, Rembrandt, and Genghis Khan.

Okay, so what about the rest of us during this Year of the Wood Horse?  Well, it could be a good time for interesting travels and surprising adventures.  If you are going to take action, you should do it quickly and decisively, because that's how horses move.  There may be a lot of heated conflicts because people will be stubborn and will stick to their principles instead of compromising.

If you have a business that involves wood or fire, such as a lumber company, you will do well.  A business having to do with metal or water, like for instance mining or fishing, will do less well.  Financial companies could be very unstable.  It's not a good year for Rats to do any investment because they might get stepped on by Horses.  (See?  What did I tell you?)  Luckily, I don't have any money to invest, so I'm not too worried.

Besides not investing, I am also planning not to do much traveling, even though it's a good year for that.  Frankly, I'm more of a homebody, like Piper was.  Tristan might be more up for adventure and travel, but I don't think Mom will really let him go anywhere except in the back yard or for a walk on a leash.

So anyway, that's all I have to say about the Year of the Horse right now.  I just hope everybody has a good year, and that they don't make any bad investments or get squished under some big, heavy horse hoof.


  1. Yes, and I don't think that it's a coincidence that the BRONCOS are at the Superbowl.

    Just sayin'

    --Zest! superstar of celebrating the year of the Bronco

    1. You are totally right, Zest! It is no coincidence, and the Broncos should definitely win the game on Sunday!

  2. Dear Dorrie, the year of the horse does not begin on the first day of the Chinese new year, a misconception that many do not know of. Please read my post for the explanation :)

    1. Dear CK,
      Thank you for the interesting information about the actual, true beginning of the Year of the Horse. It's good to know these things, which most people (and dogs) don't! I'm not going to change my blog entry, though, because the Year of the Horse will really get started soon, and I think what I wrote was "close enough for horseshoes," as they say!
      Sincerely, Dorrie