Sunday, February 9, 2014


I can't believe my sister Dorrie thinks she can just take over writing Piper's blog without even letting me help!  Maybe she got the idea that she's a better blogger because she knows more big words than I do, but that's silly.  I can make myself understood perfectly well.  I can bark louder and longer, for one thing, which annoys Mom.  She says my bark is shrill, but I can't help what kind of bark I was born with.  And why have a bark if you're not going to use it?  That's what I want to know.  I have to bark so that I can keep the house safe from the scary mailman and anybody else who comes around.  One time when we had some men here working outside, they called me "Killer," so they knew right away that I'm a very good guard dog.

Okay, and another reason I should get to write in the blog is because I am really smart and clever.  You don't have to know big words to figure out how to do things.  For example, I figured out how to open the kitchen cabinet door to the place where the trash is.  The trash smells really good, and it is full of fun things to rip apart and play with.  Here's a picture of me getting into the trash basket.

Mom bought me a little blue shirt that says,
"Cutest in the Family."  Which is what I am!

If I open the door and pull on the trash bag enough, then one of the cats can jump in there and bring out all sorts of fun goodies that we can all play with.  I've decided that it's handy to have cats in the family, just for this very reason.  For example, Anderson is very good at getting into all sorts of trouble and into places where he's not supposed to be.  And so is Latifa.

Well, that's enough about how clever I am.  Now I will tell you the story of my life, which is very interesting, at least in my opinion.  I started out in a place called Garden City, Kansas.  I don't know how it happened, but I was kind of roaming around in the street, and I couldn't find my way home.  So some people called Animal Control picked me up and they stuck me in a cage.  Then some people from a group called LL Dog Rescue came and got me.  I had to ride in a car for a long, long way.  Then I was in Kansas City, which is where I still live now.

Here's me with Mom and my foster dad Jack.

Next I went to live in a foster home, and my foster dad's name is Jack.  He's an artist at Hallmark Cards, which is the same place Mom used to work, but she and my foster dad didn't know each other back then.  So anyway, I lived with Daddy Jack and some other chihuahuas.  I had to go to the veterinarian and get shots and also a little bit of "boy" surgery.

After that, I got my picture put on Petfinder, and I went to Petco every other weekend to show people how cute I was and that they should adopt me.  And pretty soon, a lady did adopt me.  But then she brought me back because she decided she had too many dogs already.  I was sad about this, but I liked being with Daddy Jack again.

I like to help Mom go shopping at Petco.
Then an older couple adopted me.  They used to have a miniature schnauzer, and it died, so they adopted me.  But after a little while, they also brought me back because they decided they really, really wanted another schnauzer instead of me.  So again I had to be brave and not feel all rejected and depressed.

And finally, Mom came along, and she had Dorrie with her, and we met at Petco, and Mom decided to take me home.  Dorrie was just kind of "Whatever" about the whole thing, but I think she has learned to love me now, just like a big sister should.  Dorrie cleans my eyes and ears every day, and sometimes she plays with me.  Piper probably never loved me.  She just sort of put up with me.  This is the same way I felt about her, which is why I have to admit that I don't miss her, now that she's gone.  Dorrie misses Piper, though, because they were good snuggling buddies.

In this picture, Dorrie is busy cleaning my face.

Dorrie and I also do a lot of snuggling together, which is good because it's hard to keep warm in cold weather if you don't snuggle.  Usually we don't snuggle with cats, except every once in a while we do.  Mostly, we like to snuggle with Mom.  When we go to bed at night, Mom has started making all the cats stay out of the bedroom.  So now it's just me and Dorrie and Mom.  Dorrie and I like to sleep under the covers, which is where it's the warmest of all.  My favorite place is right in Mom's crotch because it's shaped like a little dog bed, and it smells just like Mom.  Dorrie usually just snuggles up to Mom's left hip.

Sometimes I fall asleep in Mom's lap while she's watching TV.

Well, there are lots more things I could tell you about my exciting life here with Mom and Dorrie and the cats, but Mom says it's time for me to stop writing.  I'm just trying to show that I can write a really good blog entry all by myself, without any help from Dorrie, and Mom says I have more than made my point.  So maybe I'll get to write again soon!

It's tough for little chihuahuas to go out in the deep snow!

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