Tuesday, March 25, 2014


On the very same day that Mom bought herself some expensive new shoes, she also went to the Mission Road Antiques Mall, which is a place where she likes to go, for some reason.  It can be very dangerous for her to go there because she often sees something she wants to buy.  Frankly, I think the only reason why old junk would be interesting is if it had some lingering doggy odors on it.  Otherwise, I don't see the point.

Anyway, I am very proud to report that on this latest trip to the antiques mall, Mom did not buy a single thing -- not even a single cheap thing, of which there aren't very many at that particular antiques mall.  I think maybe it was because Mom had just spent a wad of money on shoes, and she realized that she should save the little bit of money she had left to buy food for us dogs and cats.  At least, I hope that's what she was thinking.

However, while she was there, Mom used her cell phone to take some pictures of antiques, which didn't cost her a penny, and now I will show you those pictures.

First of all, here's a "lazy butler" who is just the bottom half of a man sitting in a chair, holding a tray.  This is totally weird, if you ask me.  Sometimes I think it is better not to know where humans get their ideas!

This is a plaster replica of Beauregard, or at least that's what the tag said.  G.T. Beauregard was a Confederate general in the Civil War.  You can tell he's been through a lot of fighting and bad weather because of how beat up he looks.

Mom said there were lots of bunnies in the antiques mall, and also anything else that looked like it might have to do with Easter.  This is the only bunny Mom took a picture of because she knew I would be more interested in seeing pictures of antique dogs.

Here's a dog that's actually a pitcher.  It was made in Czechoslovakia.  I like the expression on the dog's face because he looks kind of sad or anxious or something.

This bronze sculpture shows a mama dog and her puppies.  The sculpture reminds me of when I was a little puppy myself, and my mama used to feed me and clean me up and keep me warm.  I wonder what ever became of her and my littermates.  It's been a long time since I saw any of them.

There were lots of dog pictures and figurines at the antiques mall, but Mom said she only saw one chihuahua, and it was a little framed print.  Mostly what Mom saw was pugs and Boston terriers and French bulldogs and poodles and boxers and Scotties.  Plus a couple of greyhounds and wire fox terriers..  Here's a table with a lot of dogs on it.

And here's a goofy-looking ceramic Boston terrier.

Maybe it's just as well that they didn't have any chihuahuas.  I wouldn't want to see any as crazy-looking as that Boston!

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