Thursday, March 20, 2014


As I'm sure you remember, my brother Marius had hip surgery recently.  He has been healing up nicely, and he got his stitches out on Tuesday.  But guess what!  The day before Marius got his stitches out, TRISTAN had to have surgery!  And the reason for this was because Tristan had a weird sort of lesion thingy on his side, about the size of a quarter.  At first we thought it was maybe ringworm because we thought our foster kitty Kaga might have ringworm on one of his ears.  When Mom first noticed the place on Tristan's side, she took him to see Dr. Vodraska.  Dr. V was not convinced that it was ringworm, but she agreed to wait for the results of Kaga's culture.  And in the meantime, Tristan had to take an antibiotic called Clavamox, which he liked doing because Mom gave it to him in a wad of canned dog food.

So then on Monday, when Mom was doing email, she picked Tristan up so he could sit in her lap, and he started screeching like he was being attacked by a million cats with very sharp claws.  Mom looked under Tristan's shirt, and she was shocked to see that the place on his side had broken open, and all this icky blood and pus was coming out.

Mom called the vet's office, and they said to bring him over and leave him for a while until one of the vets could look at him.  Later on, Dr. Vodraska called Mom and said that she wasn't sure what caused the nasty place on Tristan's side, but it might be something like a spider bite or else something was stuck in there, like maybe a cat claw.  Dr. V thought Tristan ought to have surgery to take the thing off, whatever it was.  So Mom agreed, and she got to spend more money, just to prove how much she loves us dogs.

In this photo, you can see Marius wearing
an inflatable doughnut collar,
and more importantly, you can see my
cute little Tommy Bahama hoodie.
Anyway, Marius got his stitches out, and he is supposed to have physical therapy, if Mom ever gets around to calling and making an appointment for him.  Tristan felt pretty yucky the first night after his surgery, but now he is lots perkier.  He has to wear the Cone of Shame so that he won't chew on his stitches.  But last night one of them broke anyway, and it might be because Tristan can reach his incision with his hind foot, which means he can scratch at it.  Or it might be because Tristan was running around like crazy in the yard, which he's not supposed to be doing, but it's hard to keep Tristan from doing stuff like that.

Anderson and Kirby check out Mom's purchase.

But now here's some other news.  Yesterday Mom went to a fancy shoe store to buy some nice, comfy shoes to wear when she is standing around for hours, being a security officer at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  The man at the store measured Mom's feet, and it turned out that her left foot is a whole size bigger than her right foot.  Once before, when she was buying hiking boots, Mom had also found this out about her feet.

Mom's new shoes
Also, Mom learned that she had been wearing shoes that were at least a half size too small for her, which might be why her big toes keep rubbing on the sides of the shoes.  The nice man at the store brought out some really expensive German shoes for Mom to try on, and then she also tried on some less expensive New Balance shoes.  She ended up buying two pairs of the cheaper shoes, one for work and one to wear in real life.  The two pairs of shoes, plus the insoles, plus a special pair of support socks cost almost as much as Tristan's surgery.

I'm the only dog in the house who hasn't
had surgery lately, and I want to keep it that way!

This seems crazy to me, because of course Mom should be only spending money on us dogs and not on shoes for herself.  Mom says I am probably right, but she was feeling selfish, and she hopes I can forgive her.

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