Monday, March 3, 2014


We just had a bunch of snow here, which means I've been doing all my pottying indoors because who could expect a dainty little girl like me to get her feet all wet and cold?  My brother Tristan goes outside to potty -- at least some of the time -- but he's crazy, so what can you expect?  My other brother, Marius, doesn't like the snow either.  I believe he is probably very smart, just like I am.

Anyway, there are some humans who not only seem to like the snow, but they also like to make things out of it.  I'm not just talking about those snowmen that people make in their back yards.  No, I'm talking about huge, elaborate sculptures that can be as big as castles!  And sometimes there are even contests where people go and build their snow sculptures, and then they win prizes.

So I am going to show you pictures of some of these sculptures, but first I will tell you how they are made.  Usually, the artists start with a block of snow that is between 6 and 15 feet on each side.  This snow is either artificial or else it has been collected from the ground after a big snowfall.  The snow is packed really hard so it can be cut and shaped without falling apart.  Each block of snow weighs  20 to 30 tons.  The people making the sculpture use hand tools such as shovels, axes, and saws.  Other people can watch them working on the sculpture, so this makes it a type of performance art.

Anyway, here are some pictures.  I think that photographs are the very best way to enjoy these snow sculptures because if you go see them in person, you have to be outside where the temperature is really cold, and what fun is that?

People working on a sculpture for a 2010 event
Changchun, Jilin province, China
Photo:  AP  ©The Sacramento Bee

Photo by Sheng Li/Reuters

Sapporo, Japan

In January every year, Breckenridge, Colorado hosts the International Snow Sculpture Championships.  Sixteen teams from different parts of the world carve blocks of machine-made snow that are 12 feet tall and weigh 20 tons.  If you want to see which 16 teams were chosen to compete in 2014, you can go to this site.  There are drawings there to show how the original idea for the sculpture was conceived, and then how it was carved out of the block of snow.

In 2013, the winner of this contest was the Mongolian team, who made a sculpture of ancient Mongolian warriors on horseback.  This sculpture won both First Place and the People's Choice awards.

Photo by Carl Scofield/GoBreck

This year the team from Breckenridge won.  They made a father and son sliding down a snowy slope on a tube.  And also there was a dog.  I strongly believe that the reason why they won was because their sculpture included a dog.

Photo by Carl Scofield/GoBreck

In this photo, it's easier to see the dog.
Photo by Carl Scofield/GoBreck

Anyway, in my opinion, if people are going to risk getting frostbite while making snow sculptures, they should at least put more dogs in them.  Especially chihuahuas.  I believe that a nice, big sculpture with a whole pile of chihuahuas would be a beautiful thing, and it would be sure to win any contest.  I think I will suggest this brilliant idea to someone as soon as I figure out who would be most likely to use it.  And if they wanted to pay me for the idea, that would be even better!

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