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A few days ago, I found this really cool list of ugly animals that taste delicious when you eat them.  I was very excited to find the list, and I thought I would share part of it with you.  Of course, dogs don't care what their food looks like, when you come right down to it.  The important thing is that is has to smell good.  It's those silly humans that are more hung up on how stuff looks.  But if you can ignore what some food looks like, you might have a lot of fun eating it.  I'm just saying.....

Sea Lampreys

Lampreys are long, snakelike things with a bunch of sharp teeth in their mouths.  They like to bite fish and then not let go until they've sucked all the blood out.  But people have been catching and eating lampreys for a thousand years or maybe more.  So maybe people aren't so dumb after all.

Portuguese lamprey and rice dish,
Wikipedia, photo by The Ogre

One popular way to eat lamprey is to bake it into a pie.  This is really no stranger than baking four and twenty blackbirds into a pie, if you ask me.  But if you want to skip all the bother of making a pie crust, you can just cook your lamprey in a stew.  A popular dish in Portugal is made by boiling the lamprey in its own blood and then serving it with rice.


Flying Fox batt

I would be quite happy to eat a bat if I could catch one and if I didn't think it would bite me and give me rabies before I could eat it.  Some of the bigger bats have a bunch of meat on them, like for example, the Flying Fox Bat, which is the biggest bat in the world.  There are at least 60 species of Flying Fox Bats, living in the tropics and subtropics of Asia.  They can have a wingspan of over 5 feet.  Unfortunately, they are endangered, so it's illegal to kill and eat them.

Bats simmering in Indonesia

But there are lots of smaller bats that get eaten regularly in places like China and Indonesia.  I was all set to ask Mom to get some chihuahua-sized bats for us, and then I read that bats can spread diseases, and I don't just mean rabies.  It turns out that bats are very much like primates, and they carry viruses that are easy for people to catch.  Scientists now think that the outbreak of SARS was probably caused by humans' being around bats that were for sale in the markets of southern China.


Tokyo Fish Market
Photo,:  Jesper  Rautell Balle

These are not ducks at all.  They are actually clams with long "necks" or "siphons" that look like a certain something that boys have but girls don't.  These clams are native to the west coast of North America.  Their name comes from an American Indian language, and it's pronounced "gooey duck."

Geoduck sashimi

Some people think geoducks are aphrodisiacs, which may or may not be true.  But everyone agrees that they are very tasty to eat.  In China, the geoduck is a delicacy and is mostly eaten cooked in a fondue-style hot pot.  In Korea, geoducks are eaten raw with spicy chili sauce, sauteed, or in soups and stews.  The Japanese eat geoduck as a raw sashimi, dipped in wasabi and soy sauce.


Warthogs are ugly because of those fierce-looking tusks and all that bristly hair and those bumpy warts.  But deep down inside, they just taste kind of like gamey pork.  Lots of African people like to eat warthogs, and I believe I would like to eat one, too, if I was totally sure it was dead.  I say anything that tastes like pork (or chicken or beef or fish or lamb) is something that definitely should be eaten.  At least that's my opinion as a dog!

Wart Hog roast.  Yum1

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