Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I'm kind of a shy guy, so I have been hoping to avoid writing in Dorrie's blog.  First, I told her I couldn't do it because I was too new to the family.  And then I had surgery on my hips, so I didn't feel like sitting at the computer and writing.  But finally, I ran out of excuses.  Anyway, I'll try to make this short, so it won't be too boring for you to read.

Luckily, Dorrie has already told you a lot about me, such as how I came from a house in a small town in Kansas.  There were lots of us little dogs there, and we had a happy life because we didn't know there was any other kind of life to have.  Then some people called "Animal Control" came, and they took most of us away from the only home we had ever known.

Animal Control gave us rabies shots, and after that, we were loaded into carriers and put into a car.  Then we rode for hours and hours until we finally came to a place called Kansas City, which is where I live now.  My foster mom's name was Linda, and there were a bunch of little dogs at her house, including some I already knew from my first home.  Everybody that came from that same house in Kansas got the second name "Lake."  My name was Hammie, so I became Hammie Lake.

Me and Dorrie

I don't know why my first mom named me Hammie.  Maybe she thought I was a little ham, or maybe it was short for Hamlet or Hamburger.  All I know is that it was the only name I ever had until my name was changed to Marius after I got adopted.

The way I got adopted was this:  every other Saturday, my foster mom took me and Max to a big, noisy place called Petco.  After we got there, we sat around in cages while people came and looked at us.  Sometimes people wanted to hold us, which Linda let them do.  Being at Petco made me really nervous, so I just stayed kind of stiff and trembly while I was being held.  If I got introduced to other dogs, though, I politely sniffed butts with them.

Sitting on Mom's foot
makes me feel braver.

When I first got adopted and came to my new home, I was very lonely and scared.  There were two other chihuahuas here, but I didn't know them.  I looked everywhere in the house, but I couldn't find any of my old friends.  All I could find were big, scary cats.  So I howled.  I would just sit somewhere and howl for a while.  I hoped my old pack would hear me and come back, but they didn't.  Then, after a while, I started getting to know Dorrie and Tristan.  I realized that they were my pack now, and they weren't such terrible pack members to have.  So I stopped howling.

Nowadays, I never howl at all, not even when I hear a siren.  I don't even bark much, except sometimes when Mom comes home from work or wherever she's been.  Mostly, I let Tristan do all the barking because he's good at it and he likes doing it.

Dorrie told you all about my hip surgery.  Well, she told you how it was done.  What she didn't tell you was how much it hurt afterwards.  I could barely walk around, so it was a good thing Mom made me stay in a crate for two weeks while I was healing up.  Yesterday I had physical therapy with Dr. Connie.  It was the 4th time I've gone there.  Dr. Connie said I needed to come back two more times, and after that I won't need to have PT anymore.

What I do at physical therapy is get my hips stretched and have a laser treatment thing on them.  Also I have to sit and stand up and sit down again.  Then, the big thing I do is go for a walk in the water tank. Yesterday I walked for 15 minutes.  It was a new personal best for me.  When you're in the tank, a conveyor belt keeps moving under your feet, and it makes you walk, whether you want to or not.  It's harder to walk in water than in air, but I guess that's good because it makes you stronger.

Now that I'm getting all healed up and can run better, I like to play with Tristan.  He wants to play more than I do, but sometimes when he starts barking at me and trying to hamstring me, there's nothing I can do but play back at him.  Dorrie plays too, but not as much as Tristan does.

Tristan and me under the covers

At night, I sleep under the covers, just like Tristan and Dorrie do.  It's warm and cozy there, snuggled up to the other dogs or to Mom.  I have a special way of getting on the bed.  Mom rigged this up just for me, and what it is is a little step stool and then a chair.  After I get on the first two things, I can get on the bed.  It's really perfect, and it didn't cost Mom a penny.

Okay, well, I didn't think I would write this much.  The point is that I have a new home, and I like it, and I think I'll stay.

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