Wednesday, April 2, 2014


When I found out that April is National Poetry Month, I knew right away that I should try my paw at writing a poem.  Or maybe two.  National Poetry Month has been happening every April since 1996, when the Academy of American Poets first dreamed it up.  They wanted to get people to read more poetry and maybe to even like it, too.  Canada has been celebrating National Poetry Month every April since 1999.   Great Britain started celebrating it in 2000.  Except that, just to be different, they do it in October instead of April.

First of all, I am going to share what is called a "found poem."  This type of poem is where you don't really compose any original lines yourself.  You just take some phrases from someplace like a newspaper or the want ads or wherever, and then you arrange them together to create a poem.  I made my found poem out of phrases that Mom has been collecting while she was working at the art gallery.  These are phrases off the little description cards by each painting.

Mostly, Mom has found that the most interesting -- by which she means "bizarre" and "goofy" -- phrases are on the cards describing contemporary art.  Maybe this is because the art is so weird that it can only be described with weird phrases.  Or maybe the curators of that kind of artwork just write in odd ways.

                       Organic corpuscular form

                       scintillating brushstrokes

                             competing visions

                                 sensuous lips and doughy hair.

               Unprecedented sensitivity

                        gestural energy

                               swirling attitude

                                      formulaic drip.

Okay, so after I put together that crazy found poem, I wanted to write a "real" poem, by which I mean one that rhymes.  So here's what I wrote, and I think it's a pretty good effort for a little dog.

Not much rhymes with chihuahua,
Except Lady Gaga!
Does she have a dog?
Maybe so.
What else rhymes with chihuahua?
Laughter, ho, ho, ha, ha!
What's so very funny?
I don't know!

Mom says my meter is not very good, whatever that means, but I don't really care.  I wrote a poem, and I'm proud of it!  So now that I have set an example by writing not one, but two poems, I recommend that everybody else celebrate National Poetry Month by writing some poetry, too.  Go ahead, it's lots of fun!

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