Monday, May 19, 2014


On Saturday, Mom went to Powell Gardens, which is a botanical garden way far outside of town, but it's really interesting once you get there.  A bunch of people from the cactus club went there to show off some of their plants and also to sell some plants.  It was a nice day, not too hot and not too cold, so a bunch of people were at the Gardens, and several of them bought succulent plants.

Mom did not take any of us dogs out there because, sadly, dogs are not allowed in Powell Gardens.  I wish I could have gone because it would be a good place to explore and smell all the interesting scents and pee on stuff and maybe munch on a plant or two.  But Mom said this is exactly why dogs are not allowed at the Gardens and why she left me and Tristan and Marius home to guard the house instead.

Here's a picture of most of the cactus club people.  Mom is the one with the light green shirt.  It sort of looks like a big plant is growing out of her head, but it's not really.

In this picture, you can see Uncle Tony, who likes to grow hens-and-chicks, and Aunt Pat, who is the club treasurer.

Uncle Tony grows lots of different kinds of hens-and-chicks, like more kinds than you would ever think there could be.  Mom bought a few of them to put in some containers she has.  The plants are called "hens-and-chicks" because the bigger plants all make lots of baby plants.  I think a better name for them would be "bitches-and-pups," but nobody asked for my opinion.

Mom went out and walked around the Gardens for a while, and she took pictures of what she saw.  Here are some orchids:

And this is what you call a Golden Barrel Cactus.  If you live someplace like California or Arizona, these cacti grow in the ground all year.  In Missouri, you have to put them in a pot and bring them inside during the winter.  But usually they are not growing all strangely shaped and almost falling out of a wash tub, like this one is.

Here are a couple of flower beds near the visitors' center:

Mom took a bunch of pictures of plants that grow out from cracks in the wall.  A lot of these plants are succulents, so maybe that's why Mom likes these wall plants.

This is an azalea that was growing in the woods.  It's called White Exbury Azalea.

While Mom was at the Gardens, she also saw two elephants.

It kind of seems like Mom ended up at the zoo because she walked too far, but she didn't.  The elephants are part of a display called "Gardens Gone Wild: An Animal Art Adventure."  There will be 26 sculptures, and they were all made by a man named Dan Ostermiller, from Loveland, CO.  Most of the animals have not been installed yet, but it looks like there will be a bunch of bears, and also a bear-sized bunny.

Plus this giant chicken that is almost as tall as Mom.

Finally, Mom saw this cute family of Canada geese.  I thought it might be nice to have some goose meat for supper, but Mom told me the adult geese are lots bigger than a chihuahua, and they would peck me to death if I went anywhere near their babies.  Oh well, maybe I'll just be content with my regular dog food.


  1. If you ever plan a visit to Chicago-

    1. Wow! This looks like a great place to visit! I guess my mom would have to go there alone, though, because they probably don't allow dogs. I'll tell her to go there next time she's in Chicago.
      Sincerely, Dorrie

  2. The conservatory is my favorite, it has a unique history.
    The Chicagoland area is home to a Botanic garden just north of the city. And an Arboretum, west of the city...
    All fantastic places to visit!
    Sorry pups aren't allowed...if i was the king of all gardens, all pups are free to roam the land!

  3. my mom says she does not know a thing about plants (thankfully she knows a little about dogs!) but those were very nice Phalaenopsis orchids. also known as moth orchids. moms says orchid-history is fascinating and that it might make a nice entry for your blog. she also thinks your mom would enjoy Jane Goodall's new book which is on plants. I don't really care much about plants unless I can eat them.

    --Zest! superstar big sister

    1. Dear Zest!
      I totally feel the same way about plants. I ate some of Mom's Coral Bells this evening, and they made me puke. Mom said it was silly of me to eat them, but I'm not sure why she would say such a thing. Orchids are pretty, and I think they might be nice to eat, but we don't have any orchids here, except for a couple of succulent orchids. Mom thinks she would kill an orchid if she had one, but other people say they are easy to grow. Anyway, maybe I will write about orchids someday if I'm in the right mood.
      Your friend, Dorrie