Saturday, May 10, 2014

OMG! TEENY, TINY CATS! by Tristan the Chihuahua

Pekoe.  He is the biggest one of all.
Monday Mom went to the Humane Society, and you'll never believe what she brought home -- some little miniature cats!  I had never seen such a thing before!  Mom said they are called kittens.  They are like puppies, except they are baby cats, not baby dogs.  I didn't know that cats could ever be smaller than chihuahuas, but now I know it happens sometimes.

Earl Grey, who did not want his picture taken!

The sad part about the whole kitten thing is that Mom shut them up in a special room, and she won't let us dogs or the big cats go in there.  Well, except one time I  ran past her when she opened the door of the room.  The tiny cats were inside a big, wire crate, so I couldn't get to them.  I ran around and around the crate, and the kittens hissed and said bad words at me.  Then Mom captured me and made me leave the room. She hasn't let me go in there again.  Mom said that someday, when the little cats are not so little anymore, we can all meet them, but she said I am not allowed to chase them.  Well, we will see about that!

Mom and Chamomile
Okay, so here's what I know about the kittens.  There are four of them, and they probably all had the same mama, but not the same daddy.  They are about six weeks old.  A man brought the kittens to the Humane Society last Saturday. He said he found them in a trash bag, which means that somebody threw them out with the garbage.  Or else the man was making up a story so that the shelter would take his kittens.  Anyway, the kittens are plump and healthy, so it's not like they spent a lot of time starving to death in that trash bag.

Darjeeling.  She is black all over.

Mom and her friend Rob, who lives in California, named the kittens.  They gave them all names of different teas.  This seems like a silly idea for names, but nobody asked me.  Mom said that people who rescue kittens or puppies often give all the members of one litter names that are the same theme or that start with the same letter.  In my opinion, it would be better to name the kittens after dog treats, such as Milk Bones or Greenies, but I guess it's too late for me to suggest that now.

Aerial view of 4 kittens eating

Every day before she goes to work, Mom feeds the kittens breakfast, and then they get supper when the rest of us get supper.  But here's the part that's totally unfair -- at bedtime, Mom feeds the kittens AGAIN!  So that means they get three meals a day!  Mom says she does this because the kittens have tiny little stomachs to match their tiny little size, so they need to eat more often.  I think that since chihuahuas are small dogs who probably also have small stomachs, we should get three meals a day, too, but Mom says it doesn't work that way.

Sometimes Mom goes in the Kitten Room and just plays with the kittens.  I whine and cry and scratch at the door, but so far, all Mom has done is ignore me.  I wish she would quit being so annoying!

Well, I can hardly wait to meet the miniature cats in person, but I guess it will be a couple more weeks before Mom lets me do that.  Sigh.  I wish Mom would just loosen up a little and let me have more fun!


  1. Pekoe is cute. I like all black kitties also. But I like lil pups even more.

    1. I agree! Little pups are definitely the best! At least that's my doggy opinion. :-)