Monday, June 9, 2014

DOG-N-JOG! by Tristan the Chihuahua

Yesterday Mom made us all get up early, and then after breakfast and stuff, Mom took me on a special adventure called Dog-n-Jog.  It was really, really special because only Mom and I got to go.  Last year Mom took Dorrie, but this year she took me.  And for the last week or two, we have been busy raising money to help the poor, homeless dogs and cats at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.  We got $265 total in donations, and Mom said I should thank everybody who helped our noble cause.

When we arrived at Dog-n-Jog, I was a little bit scared because there were lots of people and dogs and loud noises there, but I tried to be brave.  Mom said she was very proud of me because I did not snark at any dogs or try to bite any people.  I growled a little at some big, scary dogs, but Mom said she understood why I did that.

Okay, so here are some pictures of what we saw and did at Dog-n-Jog.  First of all, when we got there, the two-mile run was about to start.  All the runners and their dogs were lined up.  That tall, bald man with his back to us is Gary Lezak, who is a weather reporter on TV.  He is always the host of Dog-n-Jog, and he also has two dogs of his own.

All at once, everybody started running!

We did not run.  We went to look at all the booths, and Mom introduced me to some people she knew.  They were all amazed at how totally cute I am.

I checked out the pee-mail in the flowers and bushes, and I peed on some things myself, just to prove that I was there.

I met some nice little dogs.  There weren't very many chihuahuas there, which I thought was kind of sad.  But we saw several Yorkies, like this one, who seemed like he would be fun to play with.

Finally, we found this cute little chi girl.  She was there with her sisters, who were dachshunds.  They were all wearing lavender checked dresses.

Whenever we saw a big, scary dog, Mom picked me up because she did not want me to get eaten.  There was one couple there who had two Great Danes.  As soon as we got close to them, I started growling, even though Mom was holding me.

The man said his Great Dane liked chihuahuas, but I think he must have been lying about that.  Mom believed him, but she said we didn't have time for me to learn that it was okay to be with such a big dog.  Even if a dog like that didn't eat me, I think I might drown if it drooled on me!

After a while, it was time for the event we had signed up for, which was the One-Mile Walk.  When we were standing around, waiting for it to start, Mom took a couple of pictures that were sort of from my point of view, which is pretty close to the ground because I have short legs.

Besides worrying about being eaten by a big dog, I also had to worry about being stepped on by some person with weird-colored shoes.

Then we all started walking!  Mom carried me a little way until there was enough space for me to walk without getting crunched under somebody's foot.

After that, I walked the whole rest of the way.  I even walked fast.  Mom was surprised because she didn't know if I could walk that far, but I guess I showed her!

After the race was over, Mom and I sat around and rested, and we felt very smug, or at least I did.  Mom took a selfie of us.  She drank some water out of a bottle, and she wanted me to drink water out of her hand, but that was just weird, and I couldn't do it.

Then it was time for the Cutest Dog contest, which we were totally sure I would win, paws down.  But guess what.  There were like 30 dogs who thought they were the cutest, even though some of them were just ordinary beagles or boxers.  And one was an English mastiff with a frilly ruff thing around her neck.  What's cute about that?  It's just dumb, if you ask me!

So then the judges chose 6 dogs to be the finalists, and we didn't even make the cut, which was totally humiliating.  But the mastiff with a ruff made it, and a one-eyed poodle with a dyed mohawk made it.  Mom said I should not feel bad because she knew I was really the cutest dog.  To console ourselves, we went shopping, and Mom bought little costumes for Marius and me to wear next week at the LL Dog Rescue reunion.  Of course, I don't even like to wear sweaters, so I don't feel very much consoled by the idea of wearing a costume.

But speaking of costumes, here are the best ones from the Dog-n-Jog contest.  One man dressed his pomeranians up as flowers in a flower garden.  Then he had a watering can and pretended to water them.  Mom has seen this man at some other events, and he always likes to make fancy costumes for his poms.

This woman put a wig on her sheltie and a blanket thing over the sheltie's back that had all sorts of Wizard of Oz stuff on it.  The theme of the costume was "There's No Place Like a Forever Home."  The woman said her dog would put up with wearing anything, which seems pretty crazy to me.

And here are two collies dressed as a cook and as a plate of spaghetti.  The one who is a cook has a diploma from the School of Collie-nary Arts

These three entries in the costume contest were the finalists, but we did not stay to find out who won first place.  Mom said we should leave and go home before everybody started driving out of there.  Which was fine with me because my little legs were tired!

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