Thursday, June 5, 2014


Okay, so Mom went out Tuesday and bought us a brand new iMac computer, which is the only kind of computer we like to use.  Our old one was slow and horrible and was always getting pop-ups and stuff like that.  The new one will be much faster and more wonderful, and I am sure that I will be able to write much more splendid blog entries on it.

Sadly, Mom hasn't got the new computer set up yet because she still needs to save a bunch of files and photos and things that are on the old computer, so she can put them on the new one.  Mom could do all this faster if she didn't have that dumb job to go to all day long, but she does.  Anyway, while she is saving photos, she said I should use some she took of the kittens the other day and write a little update.  Which is exactly what I am going to do.

The kittens turned two months old on Sunday.  They have had their second round of shots, but they haven't got their rabies shots yet because they have to be 3 months old before that can happen.  Mom made an appointment for them to be spayed and neutered on Tuesday of next week.  All of them weigh over 2 pounds now except for little Chamomile, who weighs 1 pound, 15 ounces.  We think that she will be fat enough by Tuesday for the surgery, except that Aunt Tania likes for the girl kittens to weigh a few ounces over 2 pounds, so that the surgery won't be too hard on them.  So I guess we will see how much Chamomille weighs by Tuesday.

Here are some pictures of Cammy, as we like to call her:

Darjeeling, the other girl, is already over 2 pounds.  She has thick fur and makes a funny purring sound.

Earl Grey is the smaller boy kitty, but he already weighs over 2 pounds.

And finally, here's Pekoe, the biggest kitten of all.  He was busy playing with Tristan and Jane while Mom was taking pictures, so he didn't get very many made of him.

Mom will have to get some more pictures before we can put the kittens on Petfinder.  We hope they will get adopted right away because they are so darned cute, but you never know what will happen in these cases.


  1. Oh how i wish there waa a way to transport little Darjeeling. Sadly, my 18 yr old dachshund past in april. Gosh how i would love another pup, especially a doxie! However I can't adopt a rescue dog, because my work schedule isnt dog friendly. But I decided a kitty would be purrfect.

    I'm going to start looking for a little black furry kitty. Hope its as cute as Darjeeling !

    1. I'm sure you'll find the purrrfect kitten to adopt! It's great that you want to adopt a black one because they are often the last to be adopted. Some people think they are bad luck, but they aren't! In China, black cats are considered to be GOOD luck!

  2. I will have you know that Zena is snickering at the names your momma chose for the kitties. All she can think is, "Tea cats?" She finds this very funny for some reason.

    Of course, she tends to find many things funny that I don't understand. Such is the life of dogs.

    1. I think all of us dogs have a very good sense of humor. We have to, or else we could not live with our crazy people! LOL I also think the "tea" names are funny, but I'm glad Mom did not use Oolong, which is what she wanted to call the black kitty originally.