Monday, June 2, 2014


I've been telling Mom that we needed another bitch in the house -- and I mean "bitch" in a good way.  It's okay to have brothers, but sometimes a girl just needs a sister.  So finally Mom listened to me, and she started looking around on Petfinder.

"I really need a sister, Mom!"

First she thought maybe we should adopt a shih tzu named Libby from LL Dog Rescue.  Libby was supposed to like everybody and be very friendly.  Mom is tired of having dogs that get all barky and upset anytime someone comes to the house, so she thought Libby might be a good choice.  Of course, Libby was 15 years old, so Mom wrote an email to ask if Libby had any big health issues such as arthritis, which would make it so she couldn't go up and down our steps.  Libby's foster mom said she thought Libby would be okay with stairs, but she said Libby needed somebody who was home most of the time, which Mom is not because she has that dumb job now.  So we got rejected and couldn't adopt Libby.

Libby, who did not get to be my sister.
Next Mom looked at the dogs that the New Beginnings group had.  Those are the people who rescued me and let Mom adopt me, so we think very highly of them.  And by the way, it has been just over a year since I got adopted, because it was on Memorial Day last year that I came here to live with Mom and Piper and Mel.

A picture of Jane that was on Petfinder.
She has the shortest, stubbiest tail I have ever seen!

Anyway, there were at least 4 girl dogs that seemed like they might fit in our family.  Some of them were chihuahuas, but some were other breeds.  Mom thought it might be fun to have something different instead of having only chihuahuas here, but the main thing was that the dog shouldn't chase the cats and kittens.

Mom and Jane

Mom filled out an application Friday night, and then on Saturday morning, she and I went to a Petsmart that was a long, long way from our house.  I was the only one that Mom took because I am the most special of all the dogs.  Hahahaha!  Okay, well, the real reason she took me was because she thought some people might remember me, and also it was too much trouble to take all 3 of us.  Several people did remember me, and I got lots of nice belly rubs while we were there!

The first dog we met was a Yorkie named Harper, but Harper didn't seem to like being held by Mom, and she struggled all the time to get away.  Also, Harper had really long, thick hair.  We did not realize that Yorkies had such very thick, heavy hair, although we knew they had to get haircuts sometimes.  So we decided Harper wasn't the best dog for us.

Jane in our bathroom

We also met a tiny chihuahua named Daphne, who only weighed 5 pounds.  Daphne was very sweet and let Mom hold her and let me sniff her.  She had very pretty markings, which were merle blue patches on a white background.  Mom did not think Daphne would chase cats, so she was tempted to adopt her.

Jane sitting in our living room, watching a kitten

But the dog we ended up taking home with us was Jane, who is a rat terrier.  Mom was afraid that any kind of terrier would chase cats, but Jane's foster mom said Jane just ignores her cat.  Of course, we heard the same thing about Tristan, and it turns out that he does chase some of the cats some of the time, especially Latifa and Anderson.

Tristan and Jane playing

Jane is 7 years old, which is probably a year older than however old I am.  This makes her my big sister, both because she's older and because she weighs about twice as much as I do.  Jane had a sad history because she was with her human dad when he got killed during a carjacking.  Jane did not run off, but she stayed there with him, trying to get him to wake up.  After that, she went on living with her mom until she died, too.  The couple's daughter couldn't keep Jane, so she took Jane to a shelter.

Stalking a kitten

It happened that some people from New Beginnings arrived in the parking lot of the shelter just when the daughter got there with Jane.  They agreed to take Jane in addition to the other dogs they had come to pick up from the shelter.  Jane's foster mom really loved Jane, and she cried when we adopted Jane on Saturday.

Jane and Pekoe, the kitten

Jane is getting settled in here, and I like having a doggy sister.  Tristan likes having her here, too.  He and Jane already started playing together Saturday.  But Marius was not so happy to have a new member of the family.  He barked and barked at Jane when she first got here, and then he finally stopped barking and just growled when she walked past him.  Now he doesn't really even growl, so we think he is getting used to her being here.  Maybe someday he'll play with her, too.

Jane loves Mom already

Last night Mom let the kittens come out.  This was the second time she has let them out without making us dogs stay in a pen.  Tristan likes to play with the kittens and grab them by the throat and drag them around.  This makes Mom nervous, but the kittens don't seem too upset.  At least the bigger, braver ones don't.  The littler ones hide under the sofa and behind the entertainment center.  Jane and I sort of helped Tristan play with the kittens.  Every once in a while, Mom came and rescued one and put it up on the cat tree.  Marius mostly just sat on Mom's lap.  I guess maybe he thought that he wouldn't be able to do that anymore with Jane around.


  1. Those ears!
    Jane is adorable.
    Congratulations to everyone.

    One question, are you fostering the kitties?

    Okay two questions. ..can you use your mom's camera. I like kitty pictures.

    1. Yes, Jane has very nice ears, I agree. And yes, we are fostering 4 kittens. Mom took some pictures of the kittens the other night, so maybe I can use them in my blog soon.

  2. YAY!!!! Zena is a DECKER Rat Terrier! Zena will be most happy when she hears your momma has adopted one of her kind, only the smaller kind. She is the big, stocky kind that are not meant for laps (although she certainly thinks she is a lap dog. 34 pounds does not make a lap dog though!)

    Rat Terriers are lots of fun! We Rat Terrier owners colloquially call them "Terriers with an Off Button." They run around and play (getting into trouble inevitably) and when you call them up for cuddles...they sleep. Oh, and did you know that in their breed description they must be able to watch TV?

    I hope Jane blends in smoothly (and doesn't take your prime spot as Alpha.She may just do that. Rats are little divas.)

    1. Jane is fitting in very nicely here. Since she is already 7 years old, she doesn't have all that annoying puppy energy, so that's good. She does like to play with Tristan, though, which is also good. Right away, the first night she was here, she sat in Mom's lap all evening and watched TV, so I hope that meets the requirements of a true rat terrier!

      Your friend, Dorrie