Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I don't like it when things change.  I prefer nice, familiar routines that I can always count on.  When things aren't always the same, I don't feel safe and comfortable anymore.  I'm pretty sure most dogs feel this way, and some people do, too.  Mom should understand how it is with us, but I don't think she does because she keeps making changes in our lives.  And I don't just mean little changes like rearranging the furniture.

Uh-oh, what now?
The biggest change that happened yesterday is that our rat terrier sister Jane went back to her rescue group.  Mom had already decided a week or more ago that this needed to happen because things weren't going well between Jane and the cats.  Okay, Jane was actually fine with some of the cats, but Jane and Jason totally hated each other.  We don't know why or who started hating first, but the two of them got into some really nasty-sounding fights, and Jane kept ending up with scratches on her nose.  Jason ended up on tall pieces of furniture with his hair all fluffed up.  And also, he didn't want to eat his dinner.

The Evil Jason Cat
Besides that, Jane was chasing the kittens and trying to get at Charlie's cat food, which is different from the other cats' food, so he has to eat in the bedroom when the other cats are eating in the cat room.  And then Jane was fence-fighting with Henry, the soft-coated wheaten terrier next door, which Marius and Tristan also do.  Mom hates it when the dogs fence-fight because sometimes one dog will turn around and attack the dog next to him.  And usually it's the biggest dog who attacks the smallest dog.  Not to mention that it makes a lot of noise when three dogs are barking on one side of the fence and another dog is barking on the other side of the fence.

Me and Marius, Tristan, and Jane
So last week Mom called Aunt Ginny, who runs the New Beginnings Dog Rescue, which is where I also came from.  And Mom told Aunt Ginny that things were not working out with Jane and the cats.  At first, we were going to keep Jane until they could find her a home, but then Mom called back this morning and said we couldn't really have Jane here much longer.  Then, since Mom was going over to the Humane Society to take our foster kittens to get their rabies shots, she met Aunt Ginny over there and gave Jane to her.  Jane will go to a nice place to be fostered, and we hope she will be adopted very soon.

Aunt Ginny asked Mom if she wanted to adopt Daphne instead of Jane.  Mom and I met Daphne when we went to PetSmart to meet Jane.  We liked Daphne a lot.  She is a little chihuahua with blue merle markings.  She's kind of shy, but she seemed to like it when Mom cuddled her.  We don't think Daphne would chase cats.  But Mom said she didn't want to try adopting another dog right now.  Mom did not ask for a refund of Jane's adoption fee, so Aunt Ginny said that if we wanted to adopt another dog later, we wouldn't have to pay the fee.

Anyway, we still have two foster kittens left from our "tea" group.  They are Pekoe and Darjeeling, and they are 16 weeks old now.  They are just big enough to be total pests and get into everything, especially Darjeeling.  When Mom is using the computer, Darjeeling will not leave her alone, so Mom has to shut her out of the room.  At night, we dogs sleep with Mom in the bedroom with the door closed so that no cats can come in.  This makes things easier, at least while the kittens are here.

Valens and Verbena

But guess what!  When Mom came home from the shelter, she had three new foster kitties with her -- a mama cat and two tiny kittens.  The kittens are only a couple of weeks old.  I haven't seen them.  I have only smelled them under the door of the kitten room.  The mama kitty is named Valeria, and the two kittens are named Valens and Verbena.


So that was another big change for us.  Jane just sort of went away and didn't come back, and instead we have new kitties.  We all felt kind of weird and clingy last night.  Tristan didn't eat much of his supper, he didn't bark a whole bunch like he usually does.  He might be afraid that Mom will send him away next, but Mom said the rest of us get to stay.  So maybe Tristan is just missing Jane, even though she used to hump him all the time.  I sort of miss her, too, but Jason doesn't miss her at all!

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