Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Okay, so here's what has been going on in La Casa de las Chihuahuas.  First of all, I would like to say that the weather has been way too hot, and I don't like that.  Mom told me that during some summers the weather gets even hotter, but in my opinion, it's already much hotter than it needs to be.

Next, I will tell you that Mom continues to feed us twice a day, which is a good thing, because that way we don't starve to death.  Marius and I are the biggest members of the pack because we weigh over six pounds each.  Tristan and Daphne are little shrimps who only weigh between five and six pounds.  I would be perfectly happy if Mom gave us more food, but she thinks fat chihuahuas are gross, so she wants us to stay in shape.

Marius has to wear a belly band to keep him from peeing in the house.  On the package, it's called a "male wrap," but we know what it really is.  It's like diapers or Depends.  If Marius wasn't all the time marking everything in the house, he wouldn't have to wear the thing.  Tristan also likes to mark stuff in the house, but he doesn't do it as much when Marius isn't doing it.  Mom wouldn't mind putting a belly band on Tristan, too, but she thinks he would growl at her and try to bite her, which is what he does when she just tries to put a sweater on him.

Several times a day, we go outside in the yard.  Daphne and I are pretty good about peeing in the yard, and sometimes we poop there, too.  Other times, we pee and poop in the house.  Sometimes we even use the pee pads, like we are supposed to.

I think I look pretty sitting in the green grass.
Maybe green is "my color"!

The boys also pee and poop in the yard UNLESS Henry is out in his yard nextdoor.  If he's out there, Tristan and Marius run over to the fence, and they all bark furiously at each other.  This is called "fence fighting," even though they are not really fighting with the fence.  Marius particularly likes fence fighting, so he will sit outside on the patio or by the fence for a long time, just waiting for Henry to come out of his house.  Then Mom has to go out and carry him inside.  Anyway, when the boys are busy fence fighting with Henry, they forget to pee and poop, so they have to do it after they come inside.

Daphne is starting to feel right at home here now.  She plays with Tristan and Marius, and with me if I decide I'm in a playful mood.  She goes out in the yard, which she was too scared to do the first week she was here.  Unfortunately, Daphne has also started barking at the cats, especially Latifa and Anderson.  Sometimes she even chases Latifa.  Mom hates it when Daphne does this because Mom thought she had finally found a nice, quiet girl like me who would not bother the cats.    Which just goes to show that you never know what you're going to get when you adopt a dog.

Oh, and we found out there is a name for dogs that are chihuahua-dachshund mixes.  They are called "chiweenies."  So maybe that's what Daphe is, but we won't know for sure unless we get a DNA test done.

So that's pretty much all the exciting news about us dogs.  Now I will tell you about the cats.  When it's hot weather, the cats like to lie around a lot and not do much.  Latifa sits on top the refrigerator sometimes.  She looks like a little panther getting ready to pounce.  But what she's really doing is checking out the food that Mom is fixing down below on the counter.

Anderson likes to hang out on top the fridge, too, but he doesn't look like a panther.  He looks more like a piece of Spanish moss drooping down out of a tree.

Our poor little Jason has a bad ear infection.  Mom took him to the vet's office yesterday, and Dr. Vodraska looked in his ears and then made a slide out of ear gunk to look at under the microscope.  It turned out that Jason has two different kinds of bacteria, and they are making his ears all itchy and smelly.  Mom thought he had a yeast infection, but she was wrong.  Anyway, now Jason has to take Prednisone to keep from itching so much, and Clavamox to kill off the bacteria.

This is Jason's left ear.  It's worse than his right ear,
but the right one is also infected.

Okay, well that's all of the most urgent news.  The only other thing of importance is that last week when she was assigned to work in Coat Check at the gallery, Mom was sharpening pencils, and she was shocked to learn that she had been spelling "ornge" wrong all these years.  Hahahaha!

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