Friday, August 1, 2014


If you have been reading all my blog posts (which you should be doing), you will remember that we recently had to give Jane the rat terrier back to New Beginnings rescue because she was fighting with Jason and chasing some of the other cats.  And you may also remember that Aunt Ginny asked Mom if she wanted to adopt Daphne instead, but Mom said no.

Daphne looking cute on our bed

Well, after that, Mom kept thinking about Daphne for a long time, like two whole days, and then she called Aunt Ginny and said she wanted to adopt Daphne after all.  So on Saturday, Mom went and adopted her.  But first she took our "tea" kittens to the Petsmart in Shawnee so that they could stay there another week.  After that, they are supposed to go live at the Humane Society.  Or at least Aunt Tania said she thought she would have room for them there.  We really hope she does, because it's so much calmer here without those two crazy kittens around.

But anyway, now we have Daphne.  She is a very timid girl, but she gets a little braver every day.  She likes to sleep in the dog beds on the living room sofa, and at night, she sleeps in bed with the rest of us, all snuggled up to Mom.  Marius didn't growl and bark at her, like he did with Jane when she first came.  Tristan keeps trying to play with Daphne, but so far she hasn't wanted to play.

Tristan and me and Daphne.
I was taking a nice, morning stretch.

The cats just sniffed her and then went on about their business.  None of them hissed or growled, not even Jason.  This is the same way the cats acted with me when I first arrived, and I think it means the cats do not feel threatened by me or by Daphne.

The only thing Daphne hasn't been doing is eating.  She seemed way too nervous and scared to eat during the first few days she was there.  Mom has tried different ways and places to feed her, and finally got Daphne to eat all her food a couple times by putting her in a cat carrier with her dish.  I told Mom that I would be happy to eat Daphne's food, and I'm sure my brothers would also be glad to help out, but Mom said, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Daphne and Marius

Daphne is about 3 years old, but that might be just a guess.  She has kind of a long body and short legs and a long neck, so Mom thought Daphne might be part dachshund.  But Aunt Ginny said Daphne came "from a breeder," so she couldn't have any dachshund in her.  Mom asked what kind of breeder, because if it was a backyard breeder or a puppy mill breeder, there could be some other genes mixed in with the chihuahua genes.  Mom did not get a very clear answer to this question, so she will have to ask again sometime.

Daphne's Petfinder picture

Okay, that's all I know right now.  I will tell you more about Daphne some other time.


  1. Daphne is super cute!
    And that that felt real good!!

    1. Yes, I love stretching! And I also love to have my tummy rubbed, so I'm always rolling over to make it easier for people to reach it!

  2. I am sorry Jane did not work out! Ratties are quite inquisitive so I'm sure she was just too curious for your brood! Zena gets in trouble with the neighborhood cats because she was invading their space because she is too curious! She gets into a lot of trouble!

    1. Dear Katie,
      Thanks for explaining why things probably didn't work out with my rat terrier sister. So far, we are doing much better with Daphne, who is not inquisitively looking for rats and cats to chase!
      Your friend, Dorrie