Wednesday, August 20, 2014


As I already mentioned, Mom has been wasting a lot of time and money going antiquing.  This means that she has not had a lot of time to help me write my blog, but at least she took some photos for me to use.

One shop Mom went into in Westport had lots of religious things, such as statues of Mary.  Also, there were all these religious clothes called "vestments."

If you are like a priest or minister or altar boy or whatever, you might want to buy one of these to wear to church.  At least, I guess that's what you would do.  I don't know much about such things because I am a dog, and I don't go to church.

In that same store, there was a nice horse.  The photo makes it look like the horse is eating a lampshade, but it just looks that way because of Mom's bad photography skills.

When we see the horse from behind, it turns out that he is wearing a saddle.

Here are two much smaller horses, a mare and foal.

I thought maybe Mom should have bought the mare and foal until I found out there were some paintings of dogs in the shop.  Sadly, none of them were chihuahuas.  I think the Boston and the brown-and-white spaniel head are the best.  The white dog, which might be a poodle, looks like he is about to assume a pooping position.

In that same shop, there was a wooden bucket full of various things made out of wood, including a crucifix.  This seems like a strange and not very reverent place to put a crucifix, but like I said, I don't know much about religion and stuff like that.

Okay, so on another topic, if you are wondering what to do with your old bed springs, I can tell you:  make a light fixture out of them.  Then you can hang the lights over your bed and hope that the springs won't fall down while you are sleeping and kill you.  People are making all sorts of things out of bedsprings these days.  I guess you could call this "creative repurposing,"but I think that someday people will get tired of looking at bedsprings hanging from their ceiling, and they will take them down and send them to the landfill anyway.

The bedsprings picture and the next two are from an antiques mall in the West Bottoms.  The buildings down there used to be warehouses, built in the late 1800s, but now they are being repurposed to make galleries and places to buy antiques.  The sad part about this is that these places are only open one weekend a month.

Another thing it turns out that you can be creative with is parts of a piano.  Here's a lampshade made out of piano keys and hammers.

And this is a table with a glass top and a keyboard under the glass.  The wood is what you call "shabby chic," which is a popular style, but Mom says it mostly looks like somebody was too lazy to strip the piece and repaint it.

 Now here are a few photos taken outside an antique shop in Greenwood, MO.

Mom also went to a town called Pleasant Hill.  It turned out to be bigger than she expected, and she couldn't find any places that sold antiques.  Next time, she will have to take a map.

Anyway, Mom did find the old downtown area and the railroad station.

Also, she found this interesting repurposing of an old truck into a park bench.  Which just goes to prove that if you are creative enough, you can find a new use for almost any old thing.


  1. This looks really amazing. My favourite were the old car that is turned into a bench, really creative stuff. And the lampshade made out of piano keys looks amazing too.

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed my blog entry!