Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Well, you, my faithful blog readers, have probably noticed that I have not faithfully written very many entries lately.  And the reason for that is because my Chief Research Assistant (whom I sometimes call "Mom") claims that she has been too busy to help me do my research.  So because of her not-doing of her job, I have not been able to do my job either.

I would have just tried to find a new research assistant, but Mom begged me not to fire her, and she promised she would do better in the future, so I ended up keeping her in the position.  Call me an old softie, but I guess that's just the way I am!

Anyway, Mom's most recent excuse for not having time to help me with my blog was that the annual cactus show and sale happened all last weekend.  Mom spent a lot of time Thursday night getting her plants ready to show, and then she had to spend all day Friday helping set up the show.  On Saturday and Sunday, she was at the show and sale most of the day.  After that, she brought all her plants back home again.  In my opinion, this is a lot of work for just a few silly ribbons that Mom doesn't even bring home for us dogs to chew up.  But nobody asked my opinion, of course.

Mom only bought four plants, but one of them was big and expensive.  It's called Pachypodium gracilis.  We think gracilis means "small," but it is not a very small plant, so we don't know why it is called that.  Maybe it stays small in its native habitat, as compared to other Pachypodiums that get big like trees.  Anyway, here's a picture of it:

The reason the plant has that big, round lump is because it's what is called a "monstrose" variety.  Monstrose plants grow in a different way than normal plants do, and they usually look kind of weird.

On Saturday afternoon, Mom left the show early.  She came home and took a nap.  Then she fed us animals, and after that, she went to a party for the Divapets people who rescue cats.  The party was at a house way out on the west edge of town.  It was not quite rural, but it almost was.  The people who lived there were named Missy and her husband.  (Mom never learned what the husband's name was.)  Anyway, they had some chickens, and everybody who came to the party got to meet the chickens.

Every day, the chickens go out of their pen for a few hours to eat bugs and stuff in the grass.  Then at night, they stay inside their pen, where they are safe from foxes and coyotes and hawks.

There is a chicken coop inside the fence.  The coop is where the hens can go to lay eggs.  One of the hens lays green eggs!  The others lay either white or brown eggs.  Aunt Missy does not have a rooster, but her neighbors have several of them.  Here's one of the neighbor roosters visiting the hens.

And here's a picture of Aunt Missy and Aunt Ingrid with a chicken.   I wish I had been there, because I would like to eat a chicken, or at least an egg.

At the end of the party, everybody got to take home half a dozen eggs.  Here are Mom's six eggs.  She chose one of the green eggs.  Aunt Missy said the green eggs don't taste any different, they just look different on the outside.

Mom already already made hard-boiled eggs out of her eggs plus another 6 eggs she had in the refrigerator.  So far, she has eaten two of them, but not the green one.  And she has given zero eggs to us dogs and cats, which doesn't seem fair at all.


  1. I'm so happy you were able to squeeze in a blog entry.

    Mom should let you taste the green egg.
    It sure is a nice color!

    1. I'll tell Mom you said that about the green egg. I totally agree with you, of course!