Sunday, September 28, 2014


Today I will show you some pictures that Mom took at the art gallery where she works.

This first one is an altar figure that is on display in the American Indian gallery.  It is from the 13th century, which happened a very long time ago.  It was found in New Mexico, and it was probably made by the Anasazi or Mogollon people.  The label on this altar figure does not say what it represents, but I think it is quite clearly a dog.   Which means that people back in those days had the good sense to worship dogs.

On September 16, I wrote a blog entry about the book Black Beauty.  Here is the painting that made Mom think about reading the book again.  It is called Brutality, and it was painted by a man named John Douglas Patrick in 1888.  Mr. Patrick was born in Pennsylvania, but he lived the last part of his life in Overland Park, Kansas.  He painted this picture while he was studying in Paris from 1885 to 1888.  He was trying to show the mistreatment of horses, which is the same thing Black Beauty did.

When the painting was on display in the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris, the horse drivers in the city tried to get the painting taken out of the show.  But it wasn't removed.  Instead, it won a 3rd-place medal.  Six years later, the French Society for the Protection of Animals made it illegal to abuse and overwork horses.

This is a foo lion, and we know that it is a male foo lion because he has his paw on a ball.  Female foo lions always have a baby foo lion under one front foot.  Sadly, there is only a male foo lion at the art gallery, so there won't be any little foo cubs.

And speaking of lions, here is the foot of one in the Chinese sculpture area.  The lion used to be in a cave someplace in China.  It has big feet, like a real lion.  You can see this because Mom's hand looks small next to the lion's paw.  Mom did not touch the lion, of course.  She just put her hand close to the lion's.

Here's another Chinese item, and it's a cart with an ox pulling it, all made out of clay.  I like how the ox looks happy, which is probably because he has bells on his harness.  Also, the cart wheel has a fancy decoration on it.  I think it would be fun to ride in this cart.

This picture shows a miniature room with miniature furniture, backgammon game, chandelier, rug, and lots of other little things.  If Mom's hand was not there, you might think the room was just regular-sized.  I don't know how people can make anything so tiny, but I guess they can do it because they have opposable thumbs.

And finally, here's a picture of Mom's feet.  She was standing in front of the pillar thingies that hold up the railing of the Rozelle Court balcony.  I think she must have been pretty bored the day she took this photo!

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