Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It's been a long time since I told you what was going on in our exciting personal lives, so this seemed like a good time to do it.  I had first thought I would write about porcupines, but my Chief Research Assistant (a.k.a. Mom) didn't have time to do all the prickly research that would be needed for the topic.  And the reason she didn't have time was because she went to a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon, and she thought it would take an hour, but instead it took 3 and a half hours!

Okay, so one of the latest news items is that Tristan has to wear the Cone of Shame now, so that he won't lick between his toes.  We don't know why he started licking between his toes, but when he licks there, they get all red and icky-looking.  So Mom took him to see Dr. Patricia, and she checked out the stuff between Tristan's toes.  She found out that it had bacteria in it, and maybe some yeast, too.  So now Tristan has to wear the cone, and Mom will be putting some ointment goop on his toes.

In other news, winter is coming, which means the weather is getting colder.  Some days it is really, really cold, and Mom puts our sweaters on us.  Also, we can keep warmer if we all huddle up together.

Another way to stay warm is to go under the covers on the bed.  Tristan and Marius and I always sleep under the covers with Mom at night, and that way we stay nice and toasty.  Latifa likes to sleep with Mom, too, so she snuggles up in Mom's right armpit, or else under the covers by Mom's tummy, if Mom is sleeping on her side.

Sometimes we sit by the heater because that is another warm place to be.

The cats hang out in cat beds.  They like to sleep high up in the cat tree or else in beds in the cat room, where we dogs can't bother them.

Yesterday it was actually pretty warm outside, so Mom planted some bulbs.  Mom has been meaning to do this for a couple of months, and now it's finally done.  She waited so long that the bulbs were already starting to sprout in the garage.

The reasons why Mom didn't plant the bulbs before this were (1) Sometimes the ground was frozen and hard to dig in, (2) Every time there was a nice day, Mom had to work, and (3) Mom kept forgetting that she needed to do it.  But finally, she was home on a nice day, so she planted 25 daffodils of all different types, 10 grape hyacinths, and 10 crocuses.  Now we just have to wait until spring gets here, so we can see them bloom.

Later on, Mom made a video of the ornamental grass in the back yard.  I guess the grass is sort of pretty, but the best part of the video is that Mom let me be in it!  I played a leading role, so I hope I will get star billing!


  1. Love the pictures!! Everyone is adorable.

    My pup started licking his toe (all of a sudden) also. It was thought to be a fungal infection.
    Two days with the cone and he was cured. He hated that dumb cone. He would pretend to lick his belly then try to sneak toward the toe..one show of the cone and he stopped.

  2. Oh! I almost forgot!
    Crocus is my favorite early spring flower.

  3. Your dog is really smart to stop licking when you show him the collar! My brother Tristan is only smart in finding ways to lick his toes when Mom is not looking. He managed to reach his toes, even with the collar on, so now he has to wear both an inflatable doughnut thing and also the collar. I think he looks ridiculous, but I would not say that to him because he would probably growl at me. Anyway, he can't lick his toes now, so we hope they will heal up soon. My favorite flowers are any kind that I can eat. I especially like to chew on Mom's coral bells, but Mom doesn't like it when I do this because sometimes it makes me puke!