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And it's also the year of the Sheep and the year of the Goat.  How is this possible?  Well, the Chinese character yáng can mean any of these animals.  But the traditional symbol which has been used among the majority Han people is the Goat.  However, because sheep are sweet and fluffy and cute, some people choose them as their mascot instead of the goat.

The Sheep is the most feminine and artistic sign of the zodiac.  Sheep people are creative and they have a good sense of fashion.  Traveling is something they really like to do, and simple things such as a beautiful object, a scene from nature, or a piece of music can make them very happy.  Best of all, they like to relax in a place where they don't feel pressured, and where they don't have to follow routines or schedules.

Sheep Year people are considerate and thoughtful, always trying not to hurt the feelings of others.  But because they are so sensitive they avoid confrontation and taking unpopular stands.  They need to feel loved and protected, especially by family members.  On the outside, Rams may seem dreamy and starry-eyed, but inside, they may feel anxious and insecure.  They sometimes take refuge in religion, astrology, or the occult.

In love affairs, Sheep year people are sweet and sensitive and hard to resist -- even if they are acting a little lazy or bossy.  They need to feel that they can count on their partner's love, and if they can't, they become insecure and emotional.  Because of their shyness, it is hard for Rams to start conversations with strangers, so they usually have to be introduced to potential partners by friends.

The kind of work that Sheep people do best is creative and may involve working with others who can be supportive.  The job should not be routine or have strict schedules.  Also, it should not involve competing with others because that makes Rams feel worried and stressed.  Some good job choices for Sheep include actor, painter, musician, astrologer, landscaper, interior designer, dancer, investor, daycare worker, grade school teacher, pediatrician, or researcher.

The forecast for 2015, which is the year of the Green Wooden Sheep, is that fortunes will fluctuate.
It will be a time to leave behind any unstable affair or connections and try to create more honest relationships.  There may not be any promotions or increases in salary, and investments should be made carefully.  The best way to avoid conflict is to be tolerant of family, friends, and colleagues.

For all of us, even if we weren't born in the Year of the Ram, this will be a smoother, calmer year than the Year of the Horse.  It is a time to relax and make peace with others and with ourselves.  The influence of the Sheep makes us feel more emotional, caring, and closer to home and family.  We will also be more creative and productive, but should try not to be too sensitive and easily discouraged.

Chinese New Year celebration in Singapore, Feb. 15, 2015
Wikipedia, Photo: C1815

The Sheep often lets the moderates and doves of the world be heard, which can bring an end to some wars and international conflicts.  Everyone will have the chance to slow down a little and do some introspection.

Famous Year of the Ram people include Michelangelo, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, George Burns, Thomas Alva Edison, Orville Wright, Robert De Niro, John Denver, George Harrison, Sir Laurence Olivier, John Wayne, Barbara Walters, Bruce Willis, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, and Claire Danes.

Chinese home decorated for the New Year
Wikipedia, Photo: Whoisgalt

The New Year's celebration begins on New Year's Eve and last for 7 days in some places, and for as long as 15 in others.  People may travel a long way so they can be with family and friends.  They eat special foods and decorate their houses with verses written on red paper.  On the last day of the holiday, everyone dresses in red, which is a lucky color that keeps bad luck and evil away.  People shoot off fireworks and give each other gifts wrapped in red paper.

Many places around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year, including a lot of Asian countries, and Western countries that have large Asian populations.  In my house, none of us has ancestors from Asia, but we still like this holiday because it is so interesting and colorful.  And it gives me a good chance to wish all my faithful blog readers a very happy Year of of the Ram!

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