Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I am always ready for a tummy rub!
The first happening is that Mom doesn't go to work anymore.  Mostly, she stays home with us dogs and cats, and that makes us very happy.  Mom likes staying home with us, but she says she needs to find another job so that she can make money to buy dog food.  Anyway, I guess if I have to choose between having Mom at home all the time but being hungry, or having Mom gone a lot but having plenty to eat, I would choose having food to eat.

Charlie and Jason
The reason that Mom doesn't have a job right now is that her boss didn't ask her to come back to work for the next special exhibit at the art gallery.  Usually in the past, when one exhibit ended, and the next exhibit hadn't started yet, Mom got to keep working at least some of the time between the exhibits.  But after the Plains Indians exhibit ended, Mom's boss told her he couldn't keep her on.  He talked like he would hire her back for the next exhibit, at the end of February, but he didn't.  So now Mom is looking for a different job, but she has only applied for a couple of things so far.

Marius and Tristan
Anyway, in other news, it has been winter here for several months, and that means it was cold outside.  We dogs had to stay in and snuggle up close together, or else sit in front of the heater to stay warm.  At night, we sleep under the covers with Mom.  And of course, we always wear our little jackets and sweaters.  The cats snuggle up, too, but they are too stupid to realize that they need sweaters, so they don't wear any.

I think we need a bigger heater!
This week, the weather started getting lots warmer, and it seems like spring might come pretty soon.  We have these flowers called hellebores, and they have big buds on them.  Mom keeps thinking that if we have a few more warm days, the hellebores will open up their flowers.

Hellebore buds
The daffodils are coming up, and they have buds on them, too.  Mom needs to go out and do some raking, but she keeps finding other things to do because she hates raking.

Our foster kittens are growing bigger and bigger.  They had an upper respiratory infection for a while, and it made them sneeze a lot.  Now they have mostly stopped sneezing.  Because their mom was FIV+ the kittens need to be tested for FIV, too.  We thought we would have to wait until they were at least 4 months old to test them, and right now they are only 3 and a half months old.  But last week, when Mom took them to the shelter, the vet tested Zigzag, who is the biggest kitten and the easiest to get blood out of.  His test was negative, so that made everyone happy!

Next week, on St. Patrick's Day, The kittens will get spayed and neutered, and the other 4 will have their FIV tests.  Mom has already started taking pictures of the kittens to post on Petfinder.  She will also have to write up some bios to tell how wonderful the kittens are.  We hope they all get adopted really soon, before the real Kitten Season gets started!


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