Thursday, April 2, 2015


I am sorry I didn't write for so long, but Mom and I and all the other dogs and cats have been very busy lately.  And now I am going to tell you what we have been up to.

First of all, Mom has become an entrepreneur.  This is a big word that comes from the French language, and it means "someone who goes into business and makes a ton of money."  Or at least we hope that's what it means!  The business Mom went into is selling antiques, so maybe it wasn't such a waste of time and money all these years when she kept going to antique stores.

The way Mom went into business was that she rented a booth in an Antiques Mall that is called A Fabulous Find.  Mom got to move into her booth on April 1, which was yesterday, as well as being April Fool's Day.  But I will not talk about the connection between fools and business!

Anyway, we have all been really busy digging up old stuff here in the house that Mom didn't want anymore.  She had this stuff because it used to belong to her parents or her aunt or else it was something she bought herself, a long time ago.  All these things had to be cleaned up and have prices put on them.  Sometimes Mom had to go on the internet to find out what certain items are worth.  Also, she has bought some stuff at estate sales and flea markets just for the purpose of selling it in her booth.

Last Friday while Mom was out going to estate sales, she had a little wreck with our car, which is a 2002 Subaru Forester, so it's pretty old.  Mom was turning left, and she thought she could make the turn without getting hit by another car that was coming towards her, but she was wrong.  So this other car hit Mom's car in the right rear door and also in the right rear wheel.

At first, it didn't seem to be a big deal, but it turned out that the wheel was all screwy, and it rubbed on the car when it turned.  So Mom drove very slowly to the repair shop, and the mechanics said they would have to order a bunch of parts to fix the car, if it could even be fixed.  And to make a long story sort of short, Mom has been driving a really big, black rental SUV because that was the only thing they had at the car rental place.  And meanwhile, it turns out that our poor Subaru is "totaled" because it would cost more to fix it than it is worth.  Which means that Mom will be buying us a new car, but right now she is waiting to find out how much the insurance company will pay us for the Forester.

It's kind of hard to tell, but the tire is totally flat.
Also, the top of the wheel is tilting in, which it should not be doing.

Another thing that is going on is that Mom has sort of got a freelance writing job, but she and the people who want her to write for them haven't quite figured out yet what type of assignment works best for her to do.

I guess the only other big news I have for you is that our "Z" kittens were all adopted, and they all got to go home on the same day.  Two of the boys went to the same home together, but the others went to different homes.


Tuesday Mom drove over to the shelter and brought home some new foster kittens and their mom.  The mama cat is named Felicity, but the kittens didn't exactly have names, so Mom and Uncle Rob came up with some "F" names for the kittens.  They are all light grey tabby in color, except for one of the girls, who is solid grey like her mom.  The kittens look so much alike that Mom had to put colored bands around their necks so she can tell them apart!

See?  They all look alike!


  1. I hope that your mother did not suffer any injury from that accident. It’s good that you are on the verge of getting a new car, though hopefully the money from the insurance claim will cover most of its cost. That being said, whatever did happen to the person who crashed into the Forester? I hope they were also unhurt. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story with us, and good luck with the new business!

    Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney NY

  2. The other driver had some neck problems after the accident, so Mom's insurance had to pay for his treatment.. Also, his car was really old, so it was probably totaled, and maybe he got a new car out of the deal, too.