Friday, May 15, 2015


After a month as a thriving dealer in antiques -- well, sort of "thriving" -- Mom decided she had outgrown her booth.  So she thought about renting a second booth in another mall.  But then she asked how much it would cost to rent a bigger booth in the same mall where she already is.  The bigger booths look like they are about twice as big as the one Mom started out in, so she thought they would cost twice as much.  This would mean $200 instead of $100.  But when Mom asked, she found out the bigger booths were only $150.  And the owner is renting the booth to Mom for $125 to start with because she moved in the middle of the month.

So yesterday, Aunt Barbara helped Mom schlep all her valuable antiques from the old booth to the new one.  Mom brought some new shelf units in, and that helped fill up the space.  Also it made more places to display things, and they are not so jammed up together anymore.  Except that they will probably get that way again because Mom went to an estate sale again yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff.  And she has some friends who want to put stuff in her booth, too, so now maybe she has room for some of their antiques.

The sun face that is hanging on the wall by the moon face sold yesterday.  Mom got it a long time ago, so she doesn't remember what she paid for it.  She put a price of $8 on it, so that's pretty much $8 profit (except for what the store takes).  

The old booth number was 51, and the new booth number is 15.  This is a little confusing, especially if you are old and forgetful, like my mom.  but we are hoping she will be able to remember.  She had to go through and change all the numbers on the tags in her booth.

We think Mom will make twice as much money, now that she's in a booth that's twice as large.  At least that's the way it seems like it ought to work, if you ask me.  And if we have twice as much money, we can buy twice as much dog food.  Yum!

Anyway, if you like old stuff, and you want to buy some of Mom's old stuff, you can go to this website to find out how to get to the antiques mall:

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