Monday, June 15, 2015


Yesterday Mom and I had a big adventure called Dog-n-Jog.  I went on this same adventure with Mom a few years ago, right after she first adopted me.  And now I got to go on it again.

While we were waiting for our event to start, Mom took some selfies of us.
Our number was 609, which if you read it upside-down, is still 609.

What happens at Dog-n-Jog is that first Mom registered us, and then she asked some of her friends to donate some money to help the poor homeless dogs and cats at the Humane Society.  Mom did not work very hard at trying to raise money because she has been busy worrying about other stuff such as her antiques booth and our poopy foster kittens and Aunt LaDene's broken leg.  So we only raised $160, but it was better than nothing.

I wore my collar and tags, of course, plus a harness and leash.
My whole outfit was beautifully color-coordinated.
Anyway, we got up really early in the morning, and we went to the Country Club Plaza, and then we walked around and looked at all the other dogs.  Lots of people said I was fabulously cute, which I am, of course.

There were a whole bunch of Really Big Dogs at Dog-n-Jog.  Some of these dogs looked scary to me, like especially the Great Danes who were humongous, like horses.  There were also bulldogs and pit bulls and German Shepherds.  None of these dogs growled at me, but Mom usually picked me up when we were around them, just so they didn't suddenly decide to eat me for lunch.

Mom also kept me safe from the fierce Chinese warriors.  These statues are supposed to look like the clay warriors in X'ian, China, which is one of Kansas City's sister cities.  Mom says the warriors are not real and will not hurt me, but she may be lying about this.

The people with this little dog didn't know what he was for sure,
but they think he may be part Yorkie.
We also saw a bunch of little dogs, like me.  There were chihuahuas, yorkies, miniature dachshunds, miniature poodles, King Charles spaniels, a Chinese crested, and some unidentified breeds.

The end of the 1-mile run.

The first event was the 2-mile run.  Mom and I did not enter that one.  We didn't enter the 1-mile run either.  Finally, it was time for the 1-mile walk.  I went almost all the way around on my own little legs, but when I started to pant, Mom picked me up and carried me for a while.

Mostly, people just stood around and waited until time for their event to start.

Here's a view of everybody doing the 1-mile walk.  In this event, you don't have to hurry because no one is trying to come in first.  That woman on the right is picking up her dog's poop.  I did not poop while we were at the Plaza, so Mom did not have to pick up after me.  I did mark several spots in the grass by lifting my leg on them, though.

While we were driving home in the car, I felt kind of tired and sleepy.  I guess Mom felt that way, too, because when we got back to the house, she took a 3-hour nap!

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