Monday, June 29, 2015


On Friday, Mom and her friend Deb drove up to Omaha, Nebraska.  They spent the night and then came home on Saturday.  The real reason they went there was to go to Antiques Roadshow, which they did on Saturday.  It turned out that nothing they took to the Roadshow was very valuable, so in my opinion, the best part of their trip was going to the zoo.

As usual, Mom took a bunch of pictures so that I could put them in my blog.  She thinks that will make up for the fact that my brothers and I got stuck at Pooches' Paradise for 4 days and 3 nights, plus had to get baths before we could come home.  But she is wrong in thinking that!

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
(very creepy, if you ask me!)

However, since I have the photos, I might as well use them.  This first bunch is from a part of the zoo called the Desert Dome.  Inside the dome, there are animals and plants in various desert habitats. First there was the Namib Desert.

This plant is called Welwitschia.  Several years ago, my sister Piper wrote a whole blog entry about this plant, and you can read it here:   Mom managed to kill her Welwitschia in only about a month's time, and she has never tried to grow another one.

Here is a picture of a Sweet Thorn, which is also called Acacia Karroo.

The name of this bird is Cape Thick-knee.  It seems to like sitting around with its toes in the sand.

Mom was lucky because this klipspringer posed really nicely so that she could get a good picture.  Someday maybe I can research this little antelope and tell you more about it.  I just think it is really cute, and I especially like those dainty little hooves.

The part of the Desert Dome that included the American deserts looked like this.

Some of the saguaros were blooming.  Mom took a picture of this one, and we didn't realize until later that there was a bird on top of the saguaro.  We don't know what the bird is for sure, but it might be some kind of dove.

A Teddy Bear cholla.  You should never step on this plant or sit on it either!

A burrowing owl.

Two sleepy collared peccaries.

Rattlesnakes sleep in the darnedest places!

And finally we have a turkey vulture.  I'm not sure I would want to run into this guy in a dark alley!

In another entry, I will show you some more pictures from the Omaha zoo.  It is such a big place that Mom and Aunt Deb maybe only saw about a third of it.  I would like to see some of the animals in the zoo, but chihuahuas aren't allowed there, which is why my brothers and I had to stay home.


  1. Nice. The Welwitschia I've seen in the wild as with the Acacia. The bird you call a Capt thick knee is known here as a Dik Kop, Afrikaans for "thick head." The Klipspringer is also indigenous to South Africa and is an Afrikaans name meaning "stone jumper."
    Be blessed and keep away from all those nasty rattle snakes, Geoff.

    1. Thanks for all the fascinating information! I'm sure it would be much nicer to see all these plants, birds, and animals in habitat in South Africa, rather than cooped up in a zoo!