Thursday, July 23, 2015


Mom keeps buying antique photos because she thinks they are interesting.  She didn't used to know what to do with them after she had scanned them, but now she can try to sell them in her booth.  And some of them actually have sold -- mainly because Mom usually sells them for $2 each, which is cheaper than you can buy them for at most antique stores.

But anyway, here are some new photos that I haven't shared with you before.  This first one shows a girl standing on the steps of a building, holding a copy of The Saturday Evening Post.  On the back, it says that the girl's name is Reta Coffin, and that the photo was taken on March 23, 1910, when Reta was 10 years old.  This is lots more information than a person usually gets on one of these old photos.

It looks like maybe Reta was not planning to have her picture taken, because she is wearing a fairly ordinary dress.  Also, her shoes are all muddy.  But she has a very nice bow in her hair, like all the girls used to wear back in those days.  I think this is a very charming photo, and I guess somebody else did, too, because they bought it within a day or so after Mom put it in her booth.

This photo was also labeled with Reta Coffin's name, so maybe it is her with her siblings.  The girl in the middle has a really round face that doesn't seem to match the face in the photo above.  So I am thinking the girl on the right is Reta.  But I could be wrong about this.  The photo was taken at a studio in Washington, Kansas.  I had never heard of this town, so I had to look it up on the map.  It turns out it is on Highway 36, about 20 miles west of Marysville, and 15 miles from the Nebraska border.

Okay, so here's a woman named Pansy Roberts, and she is wearing a really nice hat.  It might have even been made of silk.  I think Ms. Roberts looks very kind and also intelligent, so maybe she was a schoolteacher.  She probably also liked dogs.  If she was a teacher, she must have saved up her salary to buy herself that hat so that she could wear it on special occasions such as going to church or having her picture taken.  Or maybe she had a rich husband, and he bought her the hat.

This picture shows a woman sitting in a chair, reading a book.  She seems to be in her own house with natural light coming in through a window.  The photo is kind of old and smudgy, but it is nice because it does not have that stiff, formal look that a lot of old photos have.

Here are some young people posing on a big piece of farm equipment.  I am guessing that these people just finished a week's work on the farm, and now they are dressed up and going to town on a Saturday night to a dance or to the movies.

This is the best picture of all because it has a dog in it.  There are three women with fancy dresses and hats, and a man in a suit.  You can also see the shadow of the photographer, who is probably a man.  The dog is getting a lecture of some kind.  Maybe the man is saying "Now, you be good while we're gone!"

And finally, here are four men in a car.  I thought they were getting ready to go for a drive, but something looked kind of fake about the background and also the spare tire.  Mom turned the card over and found out it was printed in an arcade in Chicago or someplace like that.  Which means the car was just a prop where people could get their picture taken -- kind of like a photo booth, except it was photo car.  I think what they really needed was a little dog to pose with them in the car.  I would have been willing to do it, for the right kind of treats!

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