Thursday, July 16, 2015


Okay, well, I totally meant to write this entry days ago, but Mom has been hogging the computer and being very uncooperative.  She thinks that working on her freelance writing assignment is way more important than helping me with my blog, but she is wrong about this!

Anyway, I did finally manage to get to use the computer last night so that I could write a blog entry for today, so I am feeling slightly less growly.

Now I will proceed to show you the rest of the pictures Mom took at the zoo in Omaha, starting with a Blue Monkey.

There were also some orangutans there, and a mama orangutan came out with her baby and sat down in a corner of the display, right in front of where the people were watching.  First the baby just looked at all the humans, and then it decided it was hungry.  Luckily, mama was right there with some yummy orangutan milk.

Here's a cute little Prevost's Squirrel that jumped around so much that Mom had a hard time getting a picture of it.

There are several kinds of bears at the Omaha zoo.  This one is called a Sun Bear, and it comes from Southeast Asia.

There are also some polar bears.  Mom wasn't sure how many there were.  She could only see one from where she was.

Here are some people watching the bears.

The rest of these pictures are of big cats.  There were many big cats at the zoo, probably more than the Kansas City zoo has.  

Here's a lion and a lion cub.  There were actually three cubs, but only one was posing for photos.  The others were too busy playing.

Not all Bengal Tigers are white, like this one.  Some of the tigers have a genetic defect, and that's why they are white instead of orange.

Snow Leopards are always kind of whitish, but this might be because they live in Arctic tundra regions, so being light in color keeps predators from seeing them.

And finally, here is a very handsome jaguar.  This cat was quite willing to pose for people to take pictures.  The Ancient Olmecs in Mexico worshipped the jaguar, and they chiseled their teeth to be pointed, like jaguar teeth.  This sounds painful to me, but nobody asked my opinion.  And anyway, I already have pointy teeth, so it is not an issue for me!

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