Sunday, August 30, 2015


Yesterday Mom took me to something called "Dog Days of Summer."  When we were there, I got to meet a bunch of other tiny dogs and people who like tiny dogs.  Also I had my photo taken.  It came out really good, if I do say so myself.  It even has my name on it, so everybody can tell it's me in the picture.

The "Dog Days of Summer" was a fund-raiser thing for LL Dog Rescue, which is the group that my brothers, Tristan and Marius, came from.  At first, Mom had planned to take Tristan, but then last week he had to have surgery on both his front feet.  The reason he had the surgery was because he had little cysts growing between his toes.  So ever since he had the surgery, he has been wearing a Cone of Shame and also an inflatable doughnut.  And even with both of those on, he can STILL reach his feet to lick them.  So Mom is really annoyed at him!

Anyway, Mom did not want to take Tristan to the event wearing his collar and doughnut, but she knew if she took them off, he would immediately start licking his feet big-time.  So then she thought about taking Marius.  But Marius is really shy, and he hates going out in public with a bunch of people and dogs he doesn't know.  I don't like doing that kind of thing too much either, but I like it better than Marius does.  Which is why Mom decided to take me, even though I was adopted from a different rescue group.

So we went there, and we took a bag of stuff to donate, and after that, Mom paid for me to get my picture taken.  The photographer lady was really nice, and she kept saying "Want a treat?" which I did, so I perked my ears up.  Then she finally gave me a treat, but only one, and it was pretty small.

Then we had to wait for my picture to be printed, so Mom ate a hot dog with mustard on it.  Mom is supposed to be a vegetarian, but she was really hungry, so she temporarily turned into a carnivore.  I kept looking at her in a longing way while she was eating her hot dog, so finally she gave me the very last little bite of it.  Later on, she ate a cupcake, but she wouldn't give me a bite of that because it was chocolate, which she said was Bad for Dogs.

After that, we looked at some fleece doggy jackets, and Mom made me try some of them on, and finally we bought one that has lizards in the design.  It is a little bit snug on me, but we think it will fit Tristan and Marius just right.

 When we left the "Dog Days of Summer," we went to a place called A Fabulous Find, which is the antiques mall where Mom has her booth.  Before we went in, Mom made me get in a little carrier.  I did not want to do this, so she had to stuff me in butt-first.  Mom said I had to be in a carrier because (1) I wasn't allowed to run around loose in the mall, and (2) there was nothing to tie me to, and (3) it was too hot to leave me in the car.

A picture Mom took last week in her booth

So I went in there, and I watched Mom put a bunch of new stuff in her booth and take out some old stuff that nobody wants to buy.  The new things were mostly what Mom bought on Friday at some estate sales she went to.  Finally, Mom finished, and we got to go home.  As soon as we were back in the car, Mom let me out of the carrier, so that made me very happy.

Mom has old photos in her booth, plus also postcards,
souvenir spoons, and salt-and-pepper shakers
(among many other things).

Last night, Mom was supposed to write another story for the cat book she has been working on for many weeks.  The editor people want her to get the book finished up pretty soon, which would suit Mom and me just fine, because we are really tired of this whole project.  The book will be 144 pages long, and it has a bunch of inspirational stories about cats.  Every story has to have a lesson in it, and also there has to be a quote.  The quote can't be just anything that anybody said.  It has to be something that a person said who has been dead a long time.  Also, the quote has to tie in with the story.

Another rule is that there can't be any black cats in the stories because some people think black cats are evil, like the devil.  But if a black cat has a white spot, then it can be in the book.  And Mom can't use any bad words in the stories, such as heck or magic or luck.

Luckily, Mom only has to write about six more stories, and she will be finished.  Unless she has to rewrite some of the stories.  The problem is that Mom has run out of ideas for inspirational lessons you can learn from cats.  I could have told her that would happen because cats don't have all that much to teach.  I think she should have written about dogs instead.  But Mom said they are paying her to write about cats, so that's what she has to write about.  Which is a pretty flimsy excuse, if you ask me!

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