Thursday, September 17, 2015

AT THE ZOO, part 2

Well, I promised to tell you about some of the less scary animals at the zoo, and now I'm going to do that.

First of all, there are the penquins, who aren't very scary at all.  They eat fish, but not chihuahuas.  Or at least I've never heard of one eating a chihuahua.

Two Humboldt penquins

Here are two Humboldt penguins.  This kind of penguin lives along the coast of South America, almost as far north as the equator.  Those barnacles on the rock behind the penguins?  They's fake.  Actually, the rock is probably fake, too.

One Humboldt penquin

A gentoo penguin swimming
A bunch of mostly king penguins,
except the one in front, who is a gentoo.

This is a blue tang, which is the kind of fish Ellen DeGeneres played in Finding Nemo.

Lorikeets are small parrots that live in places like Malaysia, New Guinea, and Australia.  This one sat on Mom's shoulder for a little while.  Then it got bored and decided it could find something better to do.

A small herd of African elephants

The elephants were hot, so they kept throwing mud
all over themselves.

A bat-eared fox, taking a nap in the sun.

Here are some pictures of the carousel.  Mom took the pictures while the carousel was standing still, with no one on it, but there were plenty of riders later.

Mom's last stop was in the gift shop, where they had lots of stuff for sale, including orangutans:

And these things, whatever they are:

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