Thursday, September 10, 2015


To be perfectly honest, I'm glad that chihuahuas aren't allowed to go to the zoo.  The reason for that is because the zoo is full of big, scary animals that could eat a little chihuahua in a single bite.  If I went and saw those animals, I would probably have nightmares for a long time afterward.  So it's better just not to see them.

Mom isn't scared of the big animals.  Some of them could eat her, too, although it might take 3 or 4 bites instead of just one.  But Mom says she feels safe at the zoo because of all the fences and glass and stuff like that.  I guess she is entitled to her feelings, even if I know they are wrong.

"Roar!" says Nikita.  "I need a juicy chihuahua to eat!"

Anyway, today I am going to show you pictures of all the very scariest zoo animals and get it all over with.  Then I will talk about the nicer, smaller animals in another entry.

When Mom went to the zoo yesterday, she wanted to be sure to see Nikita, the polar bear.  She has seen Nikita several times before, but Nikita is going away to another zoo in December.

The reason Nikita is going away is that he and the girl polar bear, Berlin, have never made any little polar bear cubs, even though they tried several times.  Berlin is kind of old, for a bear.  She is 23, which is maybe too old to be a polar bear mother, although I don't know much about these things.  Nikita is lots younger, so another zoo wants to have him mate with their female to see if cubs will be the result.

Mom has never even seen Berlin because it seems like she is always "off exhibit" in case she is pregnant.  It's really hard to tell if a polar bear is pregnant, and there are even dogs who are trained to sniff polar bear urine and give their opinion on whether the bear is going to have a cub or not.  A beagle was brought in recently to sniff Berlin's urine, and he didn't seem to think she was pregnant.  But just in case, she is being kept somewhere out of sight.

So polar bears can eat chihuahuas, or at least I know they sometimes eat sled dogs, who are bigger than chis.  And another animal that might eat a chihuahua is a lion.  Mom did not see any male lions at the zoo yesterday, but there were 4 females who were hanging out in the shade really close to the glass of the viewing room.

By the time Mom got to where the lionesses were, the weather was sort of hot, like 82┬║.  It was hotter than Mom thought it was going to be, so she was getting sweaty.  The lions were very smart and just hung out in the shade, which is the best thing to do on a hot day, unless you can go where it's air-conditioned, which is even better.

A whole bunch of the animals were taking their afternoon naps, like for example the Eastern Black Rhino, who does not look very cute and cuddly when he's sleeping (or at any other time, really).  I think rhinos are herbivores, so they wouldn't eat chihuahuas, but they wouldn't mind stomping on them either.

Two of the African painted dogs were napping, but then some screaming children woke them up.  Personally, I hate it when that kind of thing happens.  African painted dogs are carnivores, so I suspect they would be perfectly happy to have a little chi meat for lunch.

The scariest-looking animal that I'm going to mention is the crocodile.  These reptiles have sharp toenails and leathery skin and evil yellow eyes and thousands of teeth.

They lurk in the water with only their eyeballs sticking out, and then they suddenly lunge and grab you in their huge, long mouths.  We don't have crocodiles in this country, but we have alligators, who do the same mean, sneaky things. Which is why, personally, I plan to stay as far away as possible from both crocodiles and alligators!

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