Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Mom likes old signs, and sometimes she takes pictures of them.  She is getting a big collection of these pictures, and they are cluttering up our computer, so maybe it is time I put some of them in a blog.

This is a sign we see often because it is on a street very close to us.  The sign is about a flea market and antique shop, but it's hard to read because it is such an old sign.  The flea market is only open on weekends, and there aren't very many vendors there now.  The antiques part is open every day except Monday.  Sometimes Mom goes there to shop for antiques.  The man who owns the place likes to bring his dog to work with him.  The dog is a Boston Terrier named Boston.

This sign is on a business close to the Humane Society.  We don't know why it says "Good morning!" in German.  "Bell" does not seem like a German name, but what do we know?

Here are some other signs near the Humane Society:

Here's a license plate holder that is pretty funny.

This one is not exactly a sign.  It was made by a museum visitor on a magnetic board when Mom was working there.  We are not sure if it is a philosophical statement or if it is a threat.

Here's a sign about popcorn and Coca Cola.

This is a dry cleaning place on Shawnee Mission Parkway.

And finally, this sign was in a shop in a flea market in the West Bottoms.  It shows some places in New Mexico that you might want to visit.

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