Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It was a year ago this month that Mom first rented a booth at A Fabulous Find antique mall and started selling antiques.  She has sold a bunch of stuff, and there are some other things that nobody wanted to buy.  Several of these unwanted items have gone to the thrift store, but a few of them are still in Mom's booth.  Mom keeps lowering the prices, and maybe if she gets all the way to "free," someone will take the things away.  Or not.

Anyway, Mom put some new stuff in her booth yesterday.  Then she took pictures of it.  She does this so that if she goes in there sometime and sees an empty space, she can look at the pictures and figure out what got sold (or stolen, because a few things have gone missing and never showed up again).  So now I will show you some of the pictures Mom took yesterday.  If you see anything you want to buy, you should rush right over to A Fabulous Find, 5330 Martway St., Mission, KS.  Mom's booth is number 15.

Lots of pretty dishes and a really nice shelf unit thing.

Salt and pepper shakers.

More salt and pepper shakers, plus some nice pictures to hang on your wall.  There's even a Coca-Cola sign in Thai.

Lots of cute animals, a few bottles, and some other nice stuff.

More dishes, a Currier & Ives print of a steamboat, a bird feeder, and some votive candle holders.

A couple of boxes of photos and prints.  Also there is a wall rack that you can put your knick knacks on.

Mom sells lots of Kansas City postcards.  Of course, she usually sells them for less than she paid for them, so that is why she is not getting rich in the antique business!  Mom also has two seder plates for sale, but so far nobody has bought them.

Another thing Mom sells quite a bit of is silverware, like silverplate pieces and souvenir spoons.

Okay, so that's all I'm going to say about Mom's antique booth today.  Well, except I will just mention that Mom sure spends a lot of time going to estate sales and then getting her purchases ready to put in her booth.  If she wasn't doing all that stuff, she would have a lot more time to help me write blog entries.  Just sayin'...

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